the friendly bird

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some thing i wrote when i was bored at school

Submitted: October 10, 2012

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Submitted: October 10, 2012



One day when all was perfect the grass was green the water flowed gently and the birds sang there best song, nearly everyone was happy just one little boy called comrade in the a place called frost vile was crying and upset because his posh parents were making him leave frost vile and go to a place called poshington village were everyone spoke in a posh accent and kids never had fun there was no parks no swings and no junk food only posh things like caviar. He was screaming and kicking and didn’t want to go after a hour of kicking he tired himself out and fell asleep and his posh parents carried him out  to there posh car and started on the 100 mile journey.

When comrade woke up he realized where he was and started screaming and hitting everything he saw and it was bad for them that his little sister was in the car with him he hit her and she screamed until the parents stopped the car to get her out and give her a bottle of milk to carm her down and stop her crying.

Half way there comrade needed to go toilet so he told his parents that if they didn’t stop he would pee his pants so they stopped at a gas station and let him out, he ran to the toilet and said he would not leave unless the go home they refused until they thought of a good idea “if we say we are going home then go to poshinton because that is our home” they whispered and there tried it “honey we will go home” she said with a bounce in her words “you promise” comrade felt he was being tricked he had to make shore that they will go “how do I now I can trust you, you mite be laying to me how can I make shore we will go home” saying what ever popped into his head “I promise we will go home” she said crossing her fingers  hopping he didn’t see. The door opened and comrade stepped out “ok I will trust you but if we don’t I will run away” little did he know but he just made himself homeless by saying he will run of if they went to the other town. After getting something to from the near by town they carried on going, luckily comrade fell asleep again so he couldn’t see where they were going. Meanwhile in poshington a beautiful young female parrot had just escaped from a horrible home with no room and only a budges cage and only got feed once a week. She escaped to a small forest by poshington with lots of space and an all you can eat seed fest she thought she was in heaven she was wrong she had everything but friends. Comrade felt the some all his life he had bean bulled, all because of his parents them being posh made him unpopular they mite have all the money in the world but they where missing the one best thing happiness. Comrade finely awoke and say that it wasn’t frost vile so he went to his word and ran away far into the same forest that the parrot had gone, all through the night all he could hear was the parrot muttering “I need some friends” over and over until comrade had some courage to whisper “hello who are you and why do you need friends” the parrot jumped and started to say

“I don’t have a name and I am a lonely parrot “she replied 

“why are you hear” he said with a bit more courage knowing it was just a parrot “I ran away from my home in poshington” he explained

“oh me to why did you run away” he asked

“Mistreated how about you”

“Same” he was happy he had something the some as someone “did you say you needed a friend” hoping she did so he could have a friend

“yes I have all I could ever want but friends”

“I can be your friend I am but a lonely posh parented child, my only wish is to have a friend to share my misery with.”

“I would love a friend but a need a name,”

“I now princess it suits you perfectly,”

“I have a name how exiting can you take me home please.”

“I shore will you can be my best friend for ever.”

And with that word they wore friends for ever and ever not a raised squawk or a deep voice they said friends for ever and they meant it they mite have bean alone for years but now they will never be along. A simple mistake put them together and nothing can take them apart.



The end!!!!!By Rebecca O’Donnell


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