After Death by Katie

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Sad morbid poem

Submitted: November 01, 2014

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Submitted: November 01, 2014



After Death


Lies and Hate

where a Part

of the sick

game you played.


I hid

waiting for your

anger to cool.


I watched

in fear as you

threw chairs

around the room.


What did you

do next?

you turned

your anger

to me.


I tried to

calm you, but

you pushed

me away.


You hit me

before you left.


I was so mad

as I watched

you leave.


I had cleaned

up and

went to bed.


At about


the phone rang.


It was the

police telling

me what

had happened.


The next week,

I went to

your Funeral


I cried

the whole



I had hated

you at the

time, but I

was sorry.


I wished I

told you this

before but

I Loved You.


~Katie Richardson~

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