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A brief outline of a character named Jasmine

Submitted: March 05, 2015

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Submitted: March 05, 2015



Character Name: Jasmine Maria Black

Nickname: Jazz(y), Mia, Maria, Black

Informant name: Black Lion

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Waist length black hair that is streaked with Red

Eye Color: Bright crystal-like blue

Height : 5’3”

Weight: 85lbs

Distinguishing Features: Jasmine is a pixie so she is small and lithe. In her back across her shoulder blade she has a tattoo of wings that when she needs to fly become her actual wings.


Average Clothing: Jasmine wears a long black dress the covers the black leather boots she wears. She also wears a handmade black cloak and leather gloves.

Race: Pixie

Occupation: informant

Lifespan: Pixies live an extended life but how old they get varies

Parents: Unknown, Jasmine has not had any contact with her family since she ran away 7 years ago and was rescued by Tatiana

Siblings: None she is an only child

Special Powers: She can fly, heal, and cast small offensive spells. She also can cloak herself and almost appear to be invisible

Weaknesses: All pixies are weakest during eclipses and new moons. Jasmine though has a fondness for animals and it tends to be her downfall.


Leadership: Jasmine is too timid to really take charge of a situation and would rather let Tatiana handle those kind of situations.

Speed: She is small and light giving her incredible speed but not enough to keep up with Tatiana.  

Humor: Jasmine tends to crack jokes, even if they aren’t actually funny and she has a dry sense of humor, which she is learning to keep in check for fear of upsetting Tatiana.

Compassion: Jasmine is probably one of the most compassionate people one will ever meet and cares about everyone and everything. She hates to see animals or her comrades hurt.

Stealth: Again due her small nature Jasmine has found with just a touch of magic she can slip about as if unseen and gather information which she can relay to Tatiana, particularly when it comes to hunting down their bounty

Charm: Jasmine is small the pretty and she uses this to her advantage. From just simply flirting to trying to get a price dropped on an item.

Strength: While she is fast and stealthy she isn’t very strong, leaving the combat portion of battle to Tatiana

Intelligence: She is witty and smart, always coming up with plans on the fly either to help protect or save Tatiana or to prevent any harm from coming to her.

Special Skills and Unique Personality Traits (include what your character eats): Jasmine can heal others and she has a ability to talk to nature and animals

History: Jasmine grew up in a small family, i.e. only her and her parents. They chose to remain isolated from the rest of the pixies. Jasmine at the age of 15 ran away from home, tired of the drab life. Only she knew little of the daggers of the outside world and while she could handle animals she was too weak to take on 5 full grown humans. She thought she was going to die until a mystery woman appeared and killed all five men. Ever since that fateful day Jasmine has stayed with Tatiana and while the two are completely different in personality they get along well.



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