Character Sketch - Tatiana

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a basic sketch of a character of mine

Character Name: Tatiana Rose Scarlett


Nickname: Rose, Rosie, Scarlett, Fairy


Assassins Name: Black Dragon


Age: Appears to be 21 but is really over a 1,000 years old


Gender: Female


Hair Color: Bright fire red


Eye Color: red/auburn eyes


Height: she stands around 5’7” in height


Weight: She weighs 120 lbs most of it being sheer muscle


Distinguishing Features (fur, feathers, tattoos, scars, wings, etc): She has a dragon tattoo on her face (the wings almost forming a mask around her eyes), a large dragon on her back (The wings wrap around her whole torso), a white dragon on her left arm and a silver one tattooed on her right and matching tattoo’s on her legs only reversed. Her skin is black and red normally.


Average Clothing: Typically Tatiana wears a short black skirt, tank top which is cut off just under her breasts and thigh high leather boots. She also wears a pair of fingerless leather gloves


Race: Skin-changer


Occupation: Assassin


Lifespan: A skin-changer is said to live forever unless killed by a weapon made of pure gold or by dismemberment


Health Status: perfectly hea7lthy


Family Info: Her family was killed many years ago by a rogue back of skin-changers who attacked the small mountain village where she grew up


Parents: Both her parents are dead


Siblings: She had a younger brother and baby sister who too were killed in the raid


Marital Status: She doesn’t believe in marriage. She believes that this act, performed by the humans, will only serve to hinder her in her search from revenge, not aid her.


Special Powers: She is of a rare breed of skin-changer. Instead of being limited to just on or a handful of forms she can change into anything she pleases, from an angelic like form to a simple human, to a demon, or even a lion-like form.


Weaknesses: Her kind are weak against anything gold and can only be killed by a gold weapon or by being completely dismembered




Leadership – Many say Tatiana is the rightful ruler of her people for she is the first and usually only one to take charge when things go south but she has turned down the right to the throne many times to pursue and killed those who took the lives of her family and most of her village.


Speed – As a skin-changer Tatiana has blinding speed but even then her speed is greatly increased compared to those near her is skill.


Humor – Tatiana has gone through so much in life that she has lost her sense of humor


Willpower – Tatiana fights for what she believes to be right and fights against any and all who stand in her way.


Compassion – Another trait Tatiana seems to be lacking ever since the death of her parents. She still has some compassion toward children and animals but full grown adults she hates with a passion.


Stealth – When needed Tatiana can move about so quiet it is like she wasn’t even there but she prefers to use the simple straight forward methods.


Wisdom – Tatiana has seen more than most people of her race and this is said why she is the most powerful of all. While she may not be the smartest of the dragon’s she certainly has more of a knowledge of the outside world than any other of her kind.


Charm – She is beautiful, wild, by nature and many fawn over her but she has the charm of a snake. She would much rather be in her own company then in the company of any other.


Strength – All Skin-changers are stronger than any other creature in the known earth and Tatiana is no exception.


Intelligence ­– She is more knowledgeable about things in the outside world and fighting styles then she is about the history of her people


Luck – She does not believe that luck plays a part in life. If she had luck then she believes her parents and siblings would still be alive.


Special Skills and Unique Personality Traits (include what your character eats): Tatiana is extremely fast and excels at hand to hand combat as well as dual wielding blades. Tatiana can also see better in the dark then any of her kind. Tatiana is a major loner and avoids large crowds so she can hide her appearance from others.


Additional Notes: She wears a large necklace and matching head piece that are her families crest


Submitted: March 05, 2015

© Copyright 2022 kitten2012. All rights reserved.

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