Trust Graven Miseries

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Yuki goes to a special prison.They say he murdered every class mate it his main class in 1 minute.His brother Tazz helps him try to stay away from Laiz because Laiz is hurting Yuki and ruins his life so far.

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



I shrug my shoulders. "I'm being honest with you.I never did it.Why don't you bieleve me?" The police men grab my arms and lift me up high. All I can feel id their clincked wrists and heavy weight under me. They drawn me to the Lab Emergeny Room,and...gave me a thick shot with Ketamine inside. A drug that makes your memory leave you and passed out. It did so to me.


I hear footsteps coming from the metal door and woke me up. I thought it was a dream at first site of this morning. The step's sounds came closer and closer. I'm half asleep and I don't remember anything. How to talk. How to eat. Meanings of words. What medicine does,exept for Ketamine. Sudenly the sound of the footsteps stopped. I could see three medium shadows at the crack of the metal chained door. I hear the rattling noice of a key beating agenst a larg lock and surely they want me. I turn over and wish I have a bed sheet to cover my eyes. The door opens. A man in black and blue comes walking in slowly. He leans over me and says,"I know you're awake." I open my eyes and turn back over to the man. He looks like a military man. The uniform. The badges. The silky cloth tucked into his high chest pocket. "Wake up for real and get dressed!", He yells while reaching for my shoulder. He rubs his smooth hand down my back and stops at the very end.(NOTE:It seems wrong at the begenning,but it's not nasty.Keep reading.) He gives a uniform from his lugadge to me. I wonder if he's gay or just a pedifile to all men...or to all prisonerse. It's not like I care. seems of course not! What am I thinking? Audviously I'm in prison. There's no time for me to care about some shit like that. The room was silence for about 4 minutes. But,after that he says,"Well...Don't you look inocent?" He leans over to me again. Whispers go right through my head full of nothing. "Why don't you talk to me?Was it the drugs from last night?" The only thing I could say right now is,"Mew." I cover my dry lip and close my eyes.

"Mew?" The man yanks my are and repeats my comand. He walks out the metal door and I hear thuds and glass breaking. It never happened though. He walks down stares.

He's under me. I can hear voices under the floor. The man who strocked my back. And someone else. He can be the boss. He sounds like my brother,Tazz. I roll off the bed and lay on the floor. It gives me shivers from it's cold. Well,the floor is metal as well as the the door and bed. I slowly lean my head agenst the floor.


"What about him?"You said he can't talk exept for mew,Laiz!"

"Tazz, what am I soposed to do?You told me to give him Ketamine last night."

"Well, what happened?He was talking fine till you arested him!"

"Whatever Tazz!We're keeping him just like everyone else."


Tazz! Tazz!! It sounds like him. Has the same name like him. But,it can be someone else. If...if it is my Tazz...I want him to help me out of this prison.


Laiz, comes back from down stairs. He bangs the door open. All the chains come falling to the hard floor and on me. He yanks my arm again and drags me to the hall. I can't walk. He also figures that out. Sudenly he picks me up. I feel the weight under me again. It feels like I'm floting,but I'm not. Like magic. He says,"Pathetic." I stare at him the whole time he carries me down stairs. I see a shadow. Then legs and feet. Then...I see Tazz. My Tazz. The only Tazz I know. The only Taxx I would ever love. "Mew?" I say while Laiz is setting me down on the floor. "Laiz?", Tazz says ,"Where did you get "This"?"

"I don't know.I wasn't there."

Laiz steps in front of me. Tazz stares at me for 5 minutes or so.


"He looks inocent."

"What are you thinking Tazz?"

Tazz picks me up and mumbles,"Pathetic."

Tazz carries me to a room with red walls and grey metal floors. He sets me on a chair and locks the door shut. I stand up. He walks near me and says a few rules."If I put you there to sit...SIT!"

"Your name is now Misaki Hatsuai."

"You're 17 years old now."

"You can't know your birth."

"And you have to follow the orders we tell you."

I turn my head to the door. "Ta...T-Tazz!" I stand back up and walk to Tazz. I look at him both up and down. "Tazz!" "Yes misaki!?!" "Mew!!" I look down at the floor and walk a closer. i wobble a little bit. I fall on my knees and try to get up by snaching Tazz' legs. Tazz picks me up again. He unlocks the door. We go to my room and he lays me on the bed. "I'm sorry,Yuki."

I sit up. Did he just? Is my real name Yuki? I love you,Tazz. Tazz hands me my uniform. Laiz comes walking. I cover my eyes and lean agenst Tazz' shoulder. "You don't like Laiz?" Tazz says while moving my hands. I start to cry. I don't want Laiz or Tazz to see. laiz walks in the metal room. Hr sees me and Tazz on the same bed.

"Tazz!This is prison!Not...not.What are you doing?""Why did you do this to my brother!?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You and your police men arested my brother!Why?"

"Because.He murdered every student in his class at Asarai High."

Why would i ever do that?Every one of them?How? "Tazz stands up. "Laiz,quit it!Yuki would never do that!To anyone!"

"Well,he did Tazz!It's audvious,he was covered in blood!That's what I heard."

I stopped crying and stood in front of Tazz. "Tazz!" I say while I'm reaching to slap Laiz. Laiz catches my hand and squeezes it very tight. "Ahhh!"

I scream and I hear a CRACK! from me. Tazz pushes Laiz away. And throws me back on the bed. I'm bleeding. Losing blood quickly. Tazz kicks Laiz and he falls to the floor. Hoping Tazz is ok,because I don't care about myself. I care about Tazz.


"Yuki are you alright?!" Tazz goes running to the Emergeny Room. I lay there. Laiz gets off the floor and dusts himself off. I can see specks going around the room now. I wonder what's on me. I wish I can move but I can't. I shut my eyes tight and lay on the bed wistfully. I'm starting to breathe fast. Laiz starts to walk towards me. I start to cry again. This prison feels like graven miseries.


Tazz comes back with gawz and more Ketamine. Tazz drains Ketamine into a test tube. He says,"This is all your fault!" Tazz dodges over to Laiz and I. He aims the shot towards Laiz. And...SLITH!

The shot has slid right throughLaiz' neck. And slid out. I gasp. Tazz brings the gawz to me and grabs my hand. I try to sit up,but Tazz pushes me back on thebed and says,"You have to rest."

Tazz cover my broken hand in gawz. I then fall asleep and Tazz goes to the boss of the prison. Tazz and the boss has have an agreement about him quiting and taking me home with him.


Soon,I wake up in a clean and Axe smelling room. I'm on a bed. It has sheets and pillows this time. I have an Asking Alexandria T-shirt on,too. I try to walk. And I can. I open the door that leads to a hallway. I go in and I take a left and it leads to a livingroom. I step into the livingroom and see my brother Tazz! He's sitting on the couch and I join him. He says,"Oh,you're awake.How's your hand Yuki?" I sit next to Tazz and says,"Mew!" As in, Fine...I love you Tazz!"

Tazz leans towards me and we hug. I lean in becausehe's warm and I missed him. And because he saved me. He's the best brother I will ever get and ever want. We stop hugging and he gets up from the couch. "Mew?" I say looking into his eyes. They look sad outside,but I bet they're happy inside. "I'm so glad I found you,Yuki." Once I heard Tazz say such a thing like that I was pleased. "Mew." I say while reaching over to Tazz for an other hug. As in,"Me,too Tazz." I hug Tazz again and we sit back down on the couch. I lean my haed agenst Tazz' shoulder. He looks at me for a while. Later then, I fall asleep on Tazz. He picks me up and lays me on his bed. He covers me with his cold plaid blanket. I like the feeling mixed with Tazz' warmth.

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