Bloodsuckers and fleas.

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Ever feal like youre stuck between two diffrent worlds? Well, if you have, i most serainly doubt how i feel, after all, im a Volf. HAlf wearwolf, half vampire. Get used to it. Cause when im a wolf, im nothing but a beast who wants her meat and blood. As a vampire, all i want is blodd and to feal the fear of the person in my grasp, the smell of the terror that is straight in there blood, but as a human, im a decent person. So, one question, are a vampire freak, or a wear wolf fan?

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



"To day i come, to love I’ve lost, to despair in ones, only loss"

Exactly how i have been feeling after i read this, even before. What can i do? i can certainly tell you, I will never back down from who, or what i am. and what am i? Who am i, im Sally Janseney, people call me "Salsa" only because in the forth grade i started drinking it like soda. What am i? well, im a certain thing, its rather strange. im part wolf, and part vampire. How this happened, i truly do not comprehend any of it.. Anyone who ever got close, just, saw me as freak, nothing more, nothing less. But theirs always something different going on with me. Either im having teenage issues, or just plane old shitty days. Who knows? Maybe one day, i could get ride of the stupid werewolf vampire thing. Until then=n, i don’t know what to do. I lost my parent when i first turned, into a wolf that is. You see, I was thirteen years old...

"mama? my head hurts and my hands and my jaw." "Alright, just lay down and i will check on you in the morning." :okay mama." I go up to my room and sleep. i wake up to the snoring of both my parents in the next room. then, to a searing hot pain that filled my body with bitter sweet pain. my hands got big and turned into a slick silver color with long nails coming out of them. my back felt so cold i thought it was ice. i fell off my bed, and everything went black. I opened my eyes, and felt hunger, but not the "oh, whats for lunch" it was a dire lunch that i never felt. i walked out of my room, and over to my parents room. I walked in, walking as quietly as possible. i leaned over the bed, and grabbed at my mother. i took one huge bite our of her thought drink in the scarlet blood as if it was just soda. So much blood! it was amazing, then i went over to my dad, and used my paw-hand(it has long nails instead of fingers, and palm like a human.) ti scratch his eyes out and eat them like gumballs. as i bite them, the oozing liquid that was in the eye balls, was like mint. i ripped out his thought and drank the blood that poured out. i walked out of the room, then to the bathroom. when i looked in the mirror. my hair got so long it was to the end of my back. my eyes were scarlet red instead of the bluish green they always are. my hair was completely black, but the highlight s that were first red turned to blue and back to a seductive red. i had claws on my hands instead of regular nails. i looked at what i did have on. Leather shirt, with black skinny jeans and boots that went up to my knees. they to were leather with a zipper down the sides of them. they had 4" thin heals that were so comfy it wasn’t even funny. My boobs(he-he. boobs) were all smoothed up together they were almost in my face! i went to my room, and went to bed. in the morning i called the cops and told them that i was out wandering the town and i didnt really pay attention to were i went or the time. they said there was no reason to put me in jail because i had a solid story. we had the ceremony with cremation and everything. didnt bother me, i did the hole crying thing too, just for good measures. after that, i moved into an apartment with a wonderful view of the ocean. it was huge, a loft and then you go upstairs to another loft with an art studio. with a bedroom and a huge bathroom plus a nice kitchen...

SO you see, i love my life. no madder what, im always a going to be different and i am so okay with that. i love it! the blood is the best, and i adore the pain i cause.

"No one who knows

no one to tell

no one to listen

can i ever tell?!"

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