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Submitted: June 04, 2008

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Submitted: June 04, 2008





Bee stared out of the cage at the grassy field in front of her. A finch swooped down from a tree, snatched a small worm out of the grass but didn’t fly away; it simply ate the worm then stared into the cage. She twitched with excitement eagerly wishing that she could get out of the cage and eat it. She put a paw through the bars and tried to reach it but the finch flew back to its tree.

I’m gonna get you one day!” She meowed angrily.

She padded around in the cage for a few seconds, and then lay down. A little girl walked to the field and kneeled beside the cage, Bee hissed and spat at her.

What was that for?” She asked picking up the cage.

Bee watched as the field became smaller and smaller soon disappearing from sight. She meowed hoping that the girl would turn around and set her free but it never happened. Soon, the girl stopped walking and Bee’s cage was set down inside a mansion’s living room. The small door was unlatched and Bee streaked under a couch. The girl’s hand probed around for the kitten but found nothing but dust bunnies. She left after a while and Bee started exploring the large mansion. She ran into a few other cats in the kitchen but they were annoying Maine Coons that thought that she was a “pathetic little excuse for a tabby”. She hated them now, and couldn’t stand to be around them and moved on to the rest of the home. There were two other groups of cats, one of strange foreign Abyssinians and another of Havana’s. She got along with those two but mostly wandered around with the Abyssinians, who preferred to be out in their huge fenced outdoor enclosure that looked like it belonged in a zoo.

They were fun to be around and didn’t have to eat the food that humans gave the others in the kitchen. Every few days their mistress let twelve birds and seven mice out into the enclosure. She learned more efficient ways of hunting from them and also picked up several useful fighting techniques. Most of the healing and fighting techniques that she’d learned were unnecessary since they were regularly taken to the vet and fights rarely occurred in the mansion. She never refused a lesson though and always paid close attention to how they hunted their food and how they acted around people. She did her best to copy whatever they did and by the time that she was two years old she acted, and at times looked, like an Abyssinian.

One night, Viper, a low-ranking member of the Havana cat group woke Bee up from a much-needed nap.

What?” Bee asked sleepily.

Something’s happened to the humans! They haven’t come back from their road trip and everyone is getting restless! And it won’t be long before a fight breaks out. ” Viper meowed worriedly.

So why are you calling me?”

The Abyssinians are locked outside and you’re the only one inside that can calm the cats down.”

Fine then…I’ll go…”

Bee jumped off the couch that she sat on and walked to the kitchen. She sat and looked around, the Havana’s and the Maine Coon’s were hissing and spitting at each other and had their backs arched with every bit of fur sticking up. Bee stood and was about to say something when the cats suddenly turned and pounced on her. She scratched bit and kicked her way out of the mob of cats but no matter where she turned to run a growling face stared back at her. She was forced to try and protect herself to no avail. Suddenly, the front door of the mansion creaked open and the cats fled out of the kitchen leaving a badly hurt Bee to die on the ground. The mistress entered the kitchen and screamed when she saw Bee’s torn body on the ground. Bee was quickly taken to the vet and weakly fell asleep.

She woke on a soft cat bed in a recovery kennel. It made her uncomfortable to be in such a small bare confined space when she was used to being out in the enclosure where there was grass, trees, and a wild open setting. She stared out of the kennel and noticed that the little girl was walking along the walls of the room (which were covered with kennels) and calling her pet name, Honeydew. She meowed hoping that the girl would come to her but her voice was drowned in the meows and barks of cats and dogs. Bee curled into a ball and waited. Soon, the girl came to her kennel, opened the door and gently lifted her out and cradled Bee in her arms like a baby.

She was taken home and a month later, all her wounds healed and she could do anything again. She walked to the enclosure and noticed that the fence was gone. The cats waited patiently for her to come and waited for the question that was sure to come…

What happened to the fence?” Bee asked the head cat, named Ivy.

They take it down every couple of summers and let us loose for a year…” Ivy answered.


To kit…we hate doing things like that around humans and they no it, so, they let us go every few years. We were wondering whether or not you’d be willing to leave with us so we stayed for a while.”

Anyhow, do you want to come?” A cat named Thrush asked.

Of course!” Bee meowed happily.

The cats split up into pairs and each found a small territory. Bee’s territory included the field that she’d first hidden in which was full of squirrels and birds. She padded around in the grass for a while and spotted the finch that had avoided her as a kitten. She crouched in the grass and licked her whiskers…

One day…”


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