Adopted Because I'm Adorable

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Allison never had a good life that is until she meets Chris Vallow lead singer of The Unbreakables

Table of Contents

Adopted Because I'm Adorable

Allison never had a good life that is until she meets Chris Vallow lead singer the Unbreakables Read Chapter

The concert was over, and I learned something about Christopher, and that thing is: he has a beautiful voice. "So what'd you think, ... Read Chapter

We arrived at Chris's house, we all got out of the car and were met by some dude with brown hair that covered his face. "I sees you ... Read Chapter

I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon. I slowly sat up, and threw one of my many pillows at Marcy. "What fuck!" she yelle... Read Chapter

"So a little birdy tells me your a real fan of the band." Craig said. "Always have been Always will." I answered. Now I was being... Read Chapter

"Are we gonna do anything?" Nick asked as we all sat there on the couch watching tv. "We are doing something." "Call one of you... Read Chapter

(ALLISON'S POV) I put my phone down on my bedside table and crawled into bed. Today had been a long day. I got a text from the mothe... Read Chapter

Me and Marcy got back home. And now it was around eight. I walked through the front door and was met by Nick. "So what's for di... Read Chapter

It took about two hours to get to Chris's sisters house. It was a pretty nice house. Not too big but not too small either. "Are you ... Read Chapter

"Chris? I'm getting really tired." I said, we ended up staying a little longer. "And I have school tomorrow morning." I looked over at th... Read Chapter

(Ally's POV) "Why Arizona?" I asked. "What the heck is in Arizona?" "Family, that wants to meet you." "Oh. What kind of fa... Read Chapter

We got to my grandparents house, it was only about ten minutes away from Chris's parents house. I got out of the car, and practicall... Read Chapter

I woke up later that night, it was probably morning now, I struggled to find my way above the sheets. Apparently it is possible to get... Read Chapter

Me and Tara were at the mall. We were at Wet Seal to be exact. I was looking at clothes on the clearance side. Chris gave me quite a... Read Chapter

1 MONTH LATER •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• "... Read Chapter

Five days passed and I continued to throw up, so you know what that means. I get to go to the doctor and prove Chris wrong. Chris si... Read Chapter

"Hey Ally? You excited for tomorrow?" Tyler asked. Wow, I almost forgot that tomorrow was the golden god awards, and we were perform... Read Chapter

I still couldn't believe that I was going to be singing on stage with Andy Sixx. Coolest thing EVAR!!!! I had changed into a pink ru... Read Chapter

****** 1 Year Later ****** "I still can't believe you're here." Marcy said as we unpacked our things. "No I can't believe, you... Read Chapter

I graduated from college with a bachelor of science degree. Yay, I guess I am smart! There's only one problem now though. Where do I go n... Read Chapter