Saving Zippora (On Hold)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Zippora Faux finds love with her blood donor, and best friend

Table of Contents

Saving Zippora

Zippora Faux finds love with her blood donor, and best friend Read Chapter

The Nerd Whom I Love

So over the years Preston and I became really good friends. He was my blood donor and best friend. He was like the big brother I already ... Read Chapter

The Letter

Me and Preston are where we always are after school, his room, talking, doing homework and just having fun. I kicked him off his own... Read Chapter


"So did you find anything out?" Preston asked. "Yep, my dad didn't send that, you still have to go, and I am too! Oh, and we have tr... Read Chapter


Somehow Sammy found a way to make me hate training. Maybe it was just having to get up at 4 a.m every morning, my body didn't like that. ... Read Chapter

Mana Ligava

"Where the hell have you been?" Memphis asked as me and Preston rode back to the safe zone. "Like you care. You abandoned me, I shou... Read Chapter

Friendship Ruined

I found myself sitting on a plane. Preston was right, once the war was over, we were getting shipped off to Russia. I didn't even get to ... Read Chapter

The Wedding

"So you guys are still in that corset era?" I asked in disbelief, as I stared at the mini green and black dress in front of me. "Aren't y... Read Chapter

I sat in a small room with three other girls. Not just any girls though, the new generation of queens. I only really knew one of them. Me... Read Chapter


So…all of the other Kings and Queens went back to there Courts and started their jobs. The Queens don't have jobs though, our jobs are ... Read Chapter

Autumn & Alex

    "MOM!" I heard the loudest scream come from Autumn.   "What?" I walked out of my room and into the liv... Read Chapter


-Zippora's pov- "What the hell did you do to her hair? Why is it so red?" Melanie asked. Alex and Autumn were running around in... Read Chapter


-Autumn's pov- "I never though I'd say this, but I officially hate Alex with a passion." I told Caden. "What am I talking about? She... Read Chapter