Another Face In The Crowd

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assassin waiting for target.

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Submitted: August 10, 2011

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Submitted: August 10, 2011



As I stood there standing on the sidewalk watching cars pass I took in my constantly changing surroundings for what seemed to be the tenth time in my half our of standing in this on spot. The traffic was still congested and there now seemed to be more people on the sidewalks.A taxi driver lowered his window like the five others before him and gave me an expectant glance. Like the timesbefore I raised my black gloved hand smiling andpolitely declining. He shrugged and lifted his window back up before moving on. I moved my long brown hair over my shoulders and lifted my arm moving my black jacket sleeve back revealing my watch for the third time. 1:57PM. it showed. It was had been ten minutes since I had looked last and seeing the time made me more antsy. Luckily my training was all I needed to remember to regain control. I watched people walk by going on with their daily lives and probably their daily rituals. Unlike me they probably knew what was on schedule for tomorrow or thinking they were going to be alive next week. me on the other hand I hadn't a clue. Depending on how this went was the decider. I looked as I spotted the black four door dodge pull up across the street. I felt my chest tighten when I couldn't see who was exiting the vehicle. I swallowed fearing I was going to miss my chance when the vehicle moved revealing a man in his late forties. I looked to my cell phone flipping it open matching the picture sent earlier up. Sure enough it matched the man had the same dark brown hair and dark brown eyes as well as a black tattoo on the inside of his left wrist. Looking back to him as he stared at the vehicle he had exited driving away. He looked down to check his watch as I did mine. 1:59PM. my watch said. I reached into my pocket retrieving my life and fastening the silencer. As I looked back up the man across the street met my eyes knowing. only it was too late. As the clock struck 2PM and the loud chiming went and the light turned green moving the cars giving me a clear shot. I quickly pulled the trigger before the traffic moved back in front of me blocking my view. But with the shredded screaming on the other side of the street I knew like always Ihadn't missed. I stepped back and started walking moving passed people on the street who had stopped to see the commotion. I reached into my pocket pulling my cell phone out once again and hitting redial. After a few rings the same female voice I spoke to picked up the phone. "the job is done." I said simply. With so little words spoken it meant a whole lot. "as agreed. $200,000 you can pick up at the location given in your next text." She said simply with relief in her tone before hanging up. I put the phone back into my pocket. I hadn't known what he had done to piss off my client. But then again I really didn't care. It was just business. Hearing the sound of sirens drawing closer I decided it was once again time to disappear into the crowd. And like always I did headed to my next destination.

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Another Face In The Crowd

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