Tainted Memories

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An assessment completed for my old English class. I honestly don't remember what it was to be related to - but all I know is my teacher enjoyed it.

Submitted: December 03, 2014

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Submitted: December 03, 2014



Shivering slightly, I was drenched in the cold coat of winter’s snowy grasp, my ears lay flat and my tail limp between my thighs. I could hardly move my toes, let alone continue to trudge through the slush below. Steps ahead lead to a well-lit shelter. Sapphire bright eyes hesitant, but, warmth was necessary and human contact was inevitable. My strides were short, fast paced and nervous, head dangling and eyes shifting from one form to another.

Fear, despair and memories arose; I avoided their reach with slender fingers and ripped gloves.

Obscured coughs of illness surrounded me, sobs of pain and loss slowly became assuaged, men and women alike in this world, all gathered in one place hiding from the torments of winter. My malnourished figure moved over the hard pavement, paws spreading over its surface; my claws scraped and breathe rattled. I wasn’t safe, a wheezing constricted breath of air arose from my chest; wintertime caught its prey by choosing those that were feeble and unwelcomed.

As I reached an unoccupied corner, the tight pressure on organs halted me in my tracks, eyes widened and ears latched to my skull, tail tightened becoming one with my abdomen. Jowls twitched baring covered fangs, a sudden ooze of saliva webbed over my maw. I looked around rapidly for the source of my constriction; few glimpses followed my irrational movements. I saw in someone’s eyes, the look of hesitation. I suddenly convulsed, dark matted pelt hitting the ground, pale eyes rolling back and maw gaping taking in sudden gasps of air.

Everything went dark silence, isolation, confusion and fear. My mind was blank; my body limp.

A shockwave of blinding light abruptly struck me. Dazed and lost, I somehow felt refreshed. Swivelling ears rotated upon my cranium, tail wiggling like a young pup once more.  I heaved my legs under my form, placing firm paws under my chest they tensed and lifted a lean frame. Surrounded by grass I was hit with a wall of lavender. My velvet nose raced and glistened in the sun; I was home. Why was I here? But, it wasn’t the same. I wasn’t me; I was young again, barely bigger than my human’s shoe.

Her face lit up, beaming with joy. Pale pink lips drawing up towards her ears in a smile; emerald green eyes locked on mine and loose golden strands danced around her face. I was in a box, a bow around my neck; a present is what I was, a present that would be forgotten one day. I felt her gentle touch wrap under my front legs and around my chest; she pulled me in for an almost strangulating hug after stating my new calling.

Olive,” The elegant voice would ring in my oversized ears.

My coat was a graceful gold, topped off with a hefty black patch down my back, and muzzle stained a sooty shade. I was meant to be her dream present, and so I was a German shepherd, loyal, devoted and protective. I’d do anything for her.

And so I did, days, weeks and months past. I followed her everywhere; from her room to the kitchen, from the house to the gate, I watched as she climbed onto the bus and vanished from sight, waited as the clock ticked for her arrival back home. Almost three years passed of this routine, she taught me tricks, from sit and fetch to dead and beg. Happiness and contentment was all I felt and all I knew.

Sarah, well, she wasn’t as happy. Her father was a drunk and her mother quiet and solitary. Beaten anytime he felt she deserved it and threatened if she told anyone, but I done nothing, I loved Ken just as much as I loved mistress. She’d finally finished school though her plans to move only brought worse scenarios.

Ken wanted her to stay; she was to do as he said. This wasn’t her idea, I watched as they argued. The callused hands of her own father cuffed the paled skin of her cheek reddened to the eye. She acted tough and allowed no tears to surface, but it angered him further, his bronzed fingers grabbed at the golden locks she kept down and pulled them harshly backwards. This made her cringe, eyes wide as her mouth gaped. He almost seemed content she wasn’t able to hide the pain it caused.

I could hear it, the strain in her voice as it cracked, she tried to speak and instead only sobs were heard. I sat limply in the corner, fearing what he’d do. He had her backed into a corner and as he raised a hand to wrap around her neck I heard a gasp. He was going to make her pay for the tainted thoughts of abandoning the family. This was the last straw.

Lip drawn back, ivory k-9’s visible, eyebrows furrowed and an almost thundering snarl emitted through thick vocal cords from deep within my chest. 38kg of muscle arose, my hind legs tensed and crouched, front legs straight and angled forward, my head dropped just below my shoulders heights and I scowled, bright golden-brown eyes glaring harshly.

Suddenly, I sprung, maw gaping as I snapped my teeth, he’d noticed my reaction and turned only the slightest, catching a glimpse of the blur now latched onto his arm. Thick teeth with a power greater than man’s tore into his flesh, the emission of red spilled from the limb, I’d locked my jaws and wasn’t letting go. His focus was on me no longer my mistress. The depths of his eyes churned in mine as he’d brought up an arm with a clenched fist and struck it down upon my face.

This caused no change. I held. It was instinct to protect. I heard Sarah’s screeching as she’d seen him grab the iron for the fireplace and raised it, this wasn’t a fear to me; I’d never been struck with anything. I shook my head with a violent rattling rumble. His flesh only tore more, and my grip loosened, my ears latching upon my cranium, tail tucking as the piercing cry materialized from within me. The iron collided with my face from right to left leaving no visible damage, the pain made me drop.

Trust was broken, both parties no longer acquainted. I had opened my jowls again already mid-air I was lunging at him though my course changed and instead I hit the coffee table with a screeching ring in my right ear.

It was all blank until I’d awoken in the streets. Autumn was upon the town and I was lost, I’d never been here before, kept at home, I’d been abandoned. My mistress had picked me up; her warm embrace was all I remembered while being carried outside. She was the one I remembered, she was the one who’d brought me here and left me. The scent I’d never forget of roses and lavender on her clothes.

My trust of man was broken, trust of myself lost to my memory. I’d spent my life with that family. They’d raised me, fed me, given me shelter. I’d cherished every moment, chewed shoes and clothes I had found about. They’d given me everything for a fruitful life, what did I do, I broke it, I attacked her father, I dissatisfied my mistress … and this … this was my reprimand.

I awoke once more, it’d been 5 long years since that day. The poor people minded their business, a sick dog, was a dead dog. Flaccidly lying in the corner away from those about, I let out a gruff groan, one of hurt and anguish.  I was alone, I was cold and I was hungry, this I could not fix.

My thoughts were of Sarah, she’d never forgive me, she’d never come find me. 5 years was long enough, long enough for her to forget. Our friendship was that of man and his companion, forever as one, but, no more for us both, our friendship was betrayed by me alone. Betrayed because I couldn’t stand seeing her unhappy any more, now I witnessed it no more, I was ready to leave this place at the ripe age of nearly 8. I felt too much pain in my life and it was time I let it all go.


By Cassandra Rose

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