A Day to Die For

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Alexy Katalisk's life has just started and she has much to handle... Her purpose in life is to protect everyone and she wont be alone on this journey. Ci-Ci her best friend will be with her all the way and so will some others. Will she overcome the obstacles that await... Only one way to find out

The bell rings loudly as class ends. The students began to stand but the teacher stopped them to say “Hey, hey, hey! Students don’t forget your tournament is in two days. Now if you fight poorly you are going to fail. Do you understand me?” The teacher said as he slammed a file on his desk.

“Yeah”  The class said, as Alexy was leaving the room the coach stopped her. She looked at him and arched a brow.

“Alexy, may I have a word with you.” She walked to his desk as he pulled out her profile. “Alexis Katalisk, I expect you to do fantastic on the day of the tournament.” Alexy shook her head, she was in a rush. “But if you keep fooling around with your friends you will fail, so if you do excellent I will consider on passing you. You can go now…”

“Kay, and don’t worry I’ll do my best.” A smile was on her face and she showed so much confidence. She was a very smart and pretty girl, her eyes are ice blue, her hair a dark brown and her skin was light showing off her Hispanic complexion. She is slim and her body had curves you can notice very well. She walked out the room and Gwain was waiting for her, he was leaning on the lockers with his arms folded.

“Gwain, I need to do” But he cut her off.

“I know I heard.” He began to walk and she followed. He haves short hair which is a little spiky, he is the same skin color as Alexy, he’s tall and slender, also his eyes are a dark green. He handed the gloves she told him to hold at the beginning of class.

“So, can you try to finish that outfit I was working on, before the big day?” She stopped him and said “Please?” She had a puppy face, Gwain thought for a little and then replied

“Sure why not Alexy. But the only reason I said yes was because I owe you and you used the puppy face.” he joked as Alexy  gave him a hug thanking him with a smile that was joyful then she remembered she was suppose to meet her best friend after school. So she ran down the hall almost bumping into Yulie. “Oh sorry Yulie, well bye.” When she walked out of the school building she sense Ci-Ci , her best friend, near by. She walked around looking high and low, then finally she spotted her up on a peach tree with a boy which seemed to have a target painted above his head and Ci-Ci was aiming at it with her bow and arrow. Alexy shook her head in disbelief.

“Well looky here, my prey is in sight. Now lets me show you how good I am” Ci-Ci giggled, and Alexy let out a agitated sigh.

“Ci-Ci Ramirez, what are you doing?” She placed her hand on her head as if annoyed. “I cant leave you alone for one second with you doing something stupid.” Ci-Ci looked down. Her dark red eyes staring at Alexy’s icy blue eyes. She has light skin and haves short hair, her appearance is like a priestess.

“Ugh, Miss Alexy! You just made me get out of my mood. That was very rude of you, VERY RUDE.”

“What‘s so good about terrorizing boys!?”

 “What can I say, it’s fun.” She aimed for Alexy and released her arrow. Alexy was quick enough to move to her left avoiding it. Ci-Ci was furious because she can never hit her. “Alexy would you just let me hit you once!”

“Hmm… No, now come on we have to practice for the tournament. Or you prefer to fail and go through hell with the coach” She began to walk away as Ci-Ci told the boy to leave and then followed Alexy.

Submitted: December 20, 2011

© Copyright 2022 KittyDarkFlower. All rights reserved.

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