Let it go

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This is really just a monologue based on true experiences from my freshmen year in high school. It is all about letting go of the one person you love, just so they can be happy with someone else.

Submitted: January 28, 2014

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Submitted: January 28, 2014



How come it hurts so bad when he kisses her in front of me? 
How come it makes me sick to my stomach.
How come, my chest get's so tight when you leaves light bite marks on her neck, like you used to do to mine; plants soft kisses on her lips, that I know will soon.. blossom into something more.
How come it hurts so much when your fingers zip with hers, and I see just how perfectly they fit.. reminding me of when my fingers would fill the spaces between yours.
I can still remember your hands molding perfectly to the curves of my body as I cuddled into your chest in the chilled morning air.
I remember how my lips molded perfectly with yours, like your kiss was meant for no one else, but me. I remember how you would hold my wrist instead of my hand that way my arm wouldn't have to be at an uncomfortable 90 degree angle.
How you would hold me close showing the world that you was mine and I.. was yours. I miss the soft words you spoke into my ears, every "Darling" every "My princess, I love you." I remember it all. But now it's only a memory..
They say if you really love somebody you will let them go.. no matter how hard it may be.

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