A Different Point of View

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I wrote this back in 2011 when I had a lot of time on my hands.. enjoy :)

Submitted: February 06, 2014

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Submitted: February 06, 2014



I woke up one morning to find everything around me was huge. I looked all around, there were towering blades of grass, huge boulders, rivers of water, and flowers. I got up and stretched, I walked along on my six legs. I was marveled at the world around me. Everything looked completely different. I felt puny in this new world. An insignificant part of the earth. 

I walked all around and found a leaf, I was kind of hungry so I tried it. Nice and crisp. I chewed so more, using my mandibles as sawing arms to cut the leaf so I could eat it. After I’d had my fill of leaves I continued walking. I climbed up a blade of grass, grasping the sides with my feet, which is easy considering I have six of them. 

The world I saw when I reached the top, was so big I almost fainted. There were trees as big as mountains, and birds flying in the wide open sky. I felt that if I climbed a tree, I would never reach the top. My mind couldn’t process this, I had to get down, before I fell down. 

Once I reached the bottom, I met a lady bug, she was fluttering around on her little brown wings. I was going to ask her what was going on, when an enormous shadow blocked out the sun. I looked up and saw a treaded shape, coming towards me, it could squoosh me I thought, and ran. My legs weren’t moving fast enough, I wouldn’t get away in time, I’d die. I stopped running and cowered in fear. I lifted my head up, the thing that was going to crush me was gone. Vanished. I wasn’t hurt, I had all my limbs. But this place was dangerous, I had to find a safe place. I started walking, when a big drop of water hit me. I tumbled to the ground. I got up and started walking, another drop splashed down to my left, I scurried to my right, another drop, soon there was a wave of water coming straight for me. I quickly jump on to some grass as the ground was covered in water. My feet slipping as I tried to hold on but the grass was slippery. I fell, submerging into the cold water, as I was swept up in a current. My little lungs felt as if they were on the bursting point...then everything went black. 

I woke, laying on a rock, the sun on my back, every muscle ached, and I coughed out some water. I was back in this huge dangerous world, and I was scared. There were still pools of water around so I walked over to one, to get a drink. When I saw the reflection, there was an ant in it. I moved away so did the ant. Then when I moved back to the water, so did the ant. I lifted my right arms, so did the ant in the reflection. Then I noticed the ant in the reflection pool was me! I was an ant! That’s why everything seemed so big. That meant that I was jut a small detail in this big world. But then I though differently, though just because I was small, doesn’t mean I can’t do big things.

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