Don't die never knowing.. what the world is like, what it has to offer :)

Water rushes by.

The white rapids cold and fast.

Water gushes between.

Rocks and flows down.


Cascading in a huge.


Gently the current slows.

Forming a small pool.

In which fish swim.

And frogs leap.

There it’s always changing.

Always different.

Never the same.

The water from the rocks.

Down the falls.

Into a pool.

Of memories.

Some sad.

Some happy.



Always more memories to add.


What a way.

To wash them away.

Away from the mind.

Away from the heart.


And into the past.

The waterfall.

Tells us to look to the future.

And not get caught in the rapids.

Of our past.

Of hate.

But to be positive.

And delight.

In the simple beauties.

That life.

Has to offer.

So don’t get caught in the churning waters.

Of those hard rapids.

And whirlpools.

But be free.

To fly.

Wherever you want to go.

And live.

Your life.

To the fullest.

It can possibly.


Submitted: April 28, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Kittyinatree. All rights reserved.

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