Insanity Asylum

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Alright so this is called Insane Asylum. I wrote this a few years ago when I myself had so many things to cope with that I lost it. So In the end I wrote out my feelings in poetry.

Submitted: February 05, 2012

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Submitted: February 05, 2012



Insane Asylum

You are diagnosed with insanity,

Admit it; while you're inside the nuthouse.

Closely watched, go to psychotherapy.

No progress made; you're silent as a mouse.

Isolated from the world, so ashamed;

Never again will you be trusted now.

The doctors will keep you till you're well tamed,

Giving you treatments, if you don't know how.

So just be good or they'll keep you locked up,

Inside your little personal cell.

'Fore you go to bed, they'll hand you a cup,

Along with some pills that put you through hell.

So don't trust the doctors;

They will deceive.

Once you're here,

They won't ever let you leave.

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