A Thousand Tears I've Cried

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Young Sylia is a teenage girl who is just trying to fit in. Then Keith comes along and shows her that what it's like to be a real teenager, that being normal doesn't always mean fitting in, and that you can have more fun being different anyways. Sylia's been forbidden to see this boy, and definately forbidden to love him, but that may prove to be something she can't help...

Table of Contents

A Thousand Tears I've Cried

Sylia is just a girl who wants nothing more than to fit in. She lives with her two older brothers who are total pains. One day at school she meets a guy named Keith, and her life changes forever. Read Chapter

Sylia gets some bad news, and fights with her brothers. She shows Tommy just how tough she is, and makes sure Chase learns it too. Read Chapter

Sylia agrees to a date Keith not really realizing it's a date at first. She has NO idea what's in store for her. Read Chapter

They won the game, as usual, and Keith insisted on celebrating. So they took a trip to Burger King. She ordered a double cheeseburger pla... Read Chapter

Sylia woke up to someone playing with her hair. She opened her eyes- unwillingly- to find that Tommy was sitting next to her on her bed. ... Read Chapter

Even though she obviously knew they were coming, Jazli seemed equally surprised when she seen Sylia. She even looked a little…mad? No w... Read Chapter

Sylia soon found that questioning Jazli would prove impossible. Tommy wouldn’t leave them alone for two seconds after that. She decided... Read Chapter

They got home and Keith was waiting for her on her bed. Tommy and Chase obviously didn’t know he was there, so she freaked when she see... Read Chapter

STOP!!! I have updated the previous chapter if you have not read the latest version, go back or you will be confused!!! Also, if you are ... Read Chapter

They woke up after a short nap. He drove her about a block from her home and she ran the rest of the way. She walked through the fron... Read Chapter

Chase was near by. She could hear him. Then he slipped away. She heard Tommy. Then another voice, and another. She kept hearing voices bu... Read Chapter

“Sylia, you’re awake!” “Yeah, and?” “Well, Syl, we were worried.” “Why? It’s not like it’s the first time... Read Chapter

Syliawoke up with a head ache. She was already tired of the whole hospital thing. Plus, she heard a few girls bickering. “Girl, if ... Read Chapter

Keith was every bit of gorgeous as he was the day they met. He was wearing a black wife beater, with baggy jeans. Sylia was sure if she h... Read Chapter

“Alright you piece of shit, I told you to stay the fuck away from my sister. You better have a damned good explanation of why you were ... Read Chapter

Sylia woke up to Tommy gripping her hand, and petting her hair. As soon as she remembered what had happened she jerked her hand away. ... Read Chapter

Sylia had been out of the hospital for about a week. Her brothers had gotten her a new phone with a new number at her request. The first ... Read Chapter

It had been a couple weeks and she was finally relaxed and back to her regular schedule. She worked hard at school and cheer practice and... Read Chapter

Sylia turned around. She was about to walk out when he caught her wrist. “Get the fuck off me you rapist bastard!” She turned aro... Read Chapter

A/N: I’m sorry guys, I’ve had a lot of problems with this chapter because of it being based off a true story. I tried to get Sylia’... Read Chapter

A/N: I’m sorry guys, I’ve had a lot of problems with this chapter because of it being based off a true story. I tried to get Sylia’... Read Chapter