Perfectly Plain

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Everyone has their idea of a perfect world, but what IS a perfect world?

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013



In an ideal community, everyone would have the job they wanted. No one would ever use money, yet they would always get what they need. However, in the ideal environment it seems the world would lose much, also. What price is the world willing to pay for the sake of perfection? While the idea of a perfect society seems great, to achieve perfection one must give up money, crimes, and even individuality.

While it seems a radical idea, a perfect society would have no need for money. Everyone would choose the job they wanted. Every member of this flawless society would do the job they chose, because they will have chosen one they enjoy. As for the unpleasant jobs that no one wanted, people would take turns. All medical care would be free. If someone needed groceries or clothes, that person could simply walk into a store, load their cart, and check out. The only reason for checking out would be to keep inventory. The person wouldn’t need money; therefore, there would be no reason to steal from others.

The most appealing part of the idea of a perfect society is the end of crimes. There would be no vandalism, no theft, no sexual molestation, and most importantly, no violence. People would not have to worry about leaving their keys in the car, for no one would want to steal it. People would not have to worry about leaving their kids with a babysitter, for no one is going to harm them. People would not have to worry about someone pulling a gun on them over a diamond necklace, for the would-be-thief could walk into a store and get one for his wife that way. While this is all very alluring, what people would have to worry about is losing what makes each person an individual.

What most people fail to realize when imagining a perfect society is that everyone would have to give up their eccentricity. In a perfect society there would be no controversy. To achieve this everyone would need to agree on every issue. Meaning society could no longer feel passionate about anything. Everyone would have to be either for or against gay marriage. Everyone would have to be either for or against assisted suicide. Everyone would have to be either for or against marijuana legalization. With every decision society made as a whole, each person in that society loses originality. Each human would become less and less distinct with every new decision. In this situation, the society as a whole would become just a society. The society would have many members but no individuals.

The idea of a perfect society must always remain just an idea. Imperfections are what make a society perfect. People feel strongly about the controversial issues because of their individual views. To live in a society where there was no crime and no need for money would be amazing. However, it is not worth giving up independence. Conformity should never be the price of perfection. A perfect society is just another way of saying a community is perfectly plain. 

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