Golden days

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This is a short story about autumn, how this passing of time is invitable.


As I woke up, I felt the kiss of the wind on my cheek. I could smell the rain from last night. I knew straight away what it mint. It meant Autumn. The beautiful golden leaves falling from trees, crunching under peoples feet. And trying to slip them up after the soft rain. Ah! the rain the best part of this magical season. Its soft, and warm. 
I decided not to waste another minute and go and enjoy the day. My destination was the park, the place everyone my age enjoyed being. I put on a jumper that has a hood on it, its blue, my favourite colour, tied up my converse shoes and off I went.  and as I was walking down the road I heard someone call my name 
"Scott!" I knew the voice but couldn’t quiet put it where from... 
"Oi Scott! don't ignore me!" I realised with a jolt who it was. It was Max, he was my best friend since we were 6 and we met at school, he spilled milk on me and I threw sand into his face, since this very day we have been joined at the hip. "where you heading for?" he asked "the park obviously."
This was the time of year when most people headed there. Young or old, adult or children, everyone enjoyed the atmosphere there. Of course me and Max did as well. 
"should we go for some fish 'n chips? there's nothing better than that on a day like this!" said max
"yeah sure Jack's shop is on the way anyway so we might as well go"  
After 5 minutes of walking and talking about different, random, things like cars and weather and how we enjoyed the last episode of x-factor, we got to Jack's. Max, of course was right. There was NOTHING better that Jack's nice, hot fish and chips on a day like this.  As we carried on walking to the park, suddenly, I felt Max's hand on my shoulder and the next second we were both on the floor. I was scared because I know he sometimes has asthma attacks, so I turned to face him and....
He was lying there on the floor laughing, his dark brown hair shining with small droplets of water. I looked at him wide eyed and asked if everything was OK.
"'Course everything is ok. why wouldn't it be. I just slipped on a leaf, you know happens often this time of year, I swear they do this on purpose, and I felt myself falling so I dragged you with me! Haha" 
"Well, you scared me there for a minute!" 
"you have to admit though, it was kind of funny"
"yeah true." After this incident we tried to dodge all the leafs on the way, but it didn't work. we kept slipping on them! 
But as we walked on, I realised, how in autumn everything dies. The leafs change colour and fall of the branches. The birds leave their homes, they built all by themselves, to go to warm countries. Our tops and khaki shorts change to jumpers or raincoats and long jeans. It is one of the best and the saddest times of the year. On one hand you can do a lot of stuff like jump on piles of leafs, go out in the gentle rain. But also the days are getting shorter and colder, you can's stay out as much. And of course the holiday end which means homework and boring classes. But it's inventible. It's just something natural. 
As I kept on looking at the ups and downs of autumn we walked to the park. It looked like I remembered it from last year, and the year before, and so on. 
small children, begging their parents to give them a push on the swing. Older kids playing football. And some everything was covered in shades of yellow, red and brown. It looked beautiful. I wonder, why haven't I ever appreciated this place as much as I do now? Maybe because I never looked at the beauty of it. This place, only one place out of the whole world, to me anyway, represents the Autumn. The time of year where old things die to give place to new ones. 
"you're in your own world again. Wanna race to that big old tree over there?"
"sure thing, the looser buys next portion of fish and chips on the way back!" 
"deal. Ready, set, GO!" and we ran. Ran with the wind as they say. 

Submitted: October 06, 2011

© Copyright 2021 KittyKat13. All rights reserved.

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