Wolf Wars

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Submitted: January 13, 2011

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Submitted: January 13, 2011




Wind whistled through the trees. Grass blew in a distant breeze. In the dark of night, all was quiet. It was time for the Great Northern Lights to light up the sky. As the array of colorful spirits danced in the sky, two baby wolves were born. Their pack was astounded.

These wolves had nine tails!

The female, later names Solstice, was a creamy white with faded blue and purple fur. Her brother, later named Io, was a dark brown and beige.

The mother treated them with all the love in the world. The father, on the other hand, was quite worried. His ancestors had given him two beautiful pups, but it was a rare sight; was it a blessing or a curse?

The alpha male needed answers. In the dead of night, while the Northern Lights still lit up the sky, he sought them out.

Standing on the highest precipice in his territory, he raised his muzzle to the sky and cried out, “My ancestors have never steered me wrong before. But my pups have been born with extra tails, and I need your guidance. Is it a curse, or is it a blessing?”

After a moment of the wind swishing through his fur the alpha dropped his head and sighed. As he turned away he heard the soft melody of his deceased sister and turned back.

“Thistles . .” A lithe translucent wolf bounded down from the Lights.

“Cloud, Cloud . .” Thistles repeated. “Please, tell me… I need to know..”

“This is neither a blessing nor a curse,” Cloud whispered softly.

“Then why-”

“Their destiny has been set aside for them,” Cloud cut in. “Let the spirits guide them through it. There is no more to be said, but to let them choose their own path to walk.”

“To let them choose their own path..” Thistles raised his head. “You want them to go out on their own!? Cloud! They’re only pups! They can’t-”

“In time, my brother,” Cloud soothed, “they will decide what to do on their own.”

The alpha dropped his head. The air around him began to grow colder as the lights faded away.

“Cloud,” he huffed, “please watch over them, wherever their path leads them.”

Cloud brushed her muzzle against his one last time before fading slowly into the night sky. Thistles sighed and lay down to rest. Upon rising again he heard his sister’s voice in his ears: On the day of Black Sun when the planets are aligned the balance of power in the world will be upset. Light and Dark will clash in the battle that will be forever known as the Great Blood War.

“No,” he whispered.

You cannot stop it Thistles, and neither can we.

“No,” he repeated, “but I can try and change the paths they walk.”

Without listening for a response the alpha dashed off towards his home. His mate greeted him with a curious bark.

Thistles said nothing, but sat and watched as his two pups wrestled. ‘There’s nothing to worry about,’ he thought, until he saw a dark gleam in his son’s eyes, and shuddered.

His sister spoke again: Beware the day of Black Sun…

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