Lost in Potter

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Meg and Olivia were normal. Nerdy, but normal. They were Potterheads like anybody else, but they might have wanted it just a little more than anybody else. Then something happens that changes their lives forever, they can never go back.

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



  Meg sat in her room, clinging to every written word by JK Rowling. She read the last line, over, and over again. Finally she put the book down. Tears streaming from her eyes. She took one last look at the seven books scattered neatly on her bed. Meg erupted in fits of sobs. It was over, all over. There goes the last few years of her life. Meg was a bit younger than the Harry Potter generation. At 14 years old, Meg was a complete nerd. She had curly redish brown hair, that was more auburn than anything else, freckles, and deep blue eyes. Boys hit on her all the time, but she didn't like any of them. They weren't good enough. She had a slight tendency to fall in love with fictional characters. She sat up from her crying session. She looked at all the posters on her wall, Dumbledore's Army, Dobby, each of the movie posters, posters of the actors, and many more. Now that the Harry Potter series was over, life had to go on. But Meg didn't want it to. Her twin sister Olivia burst into her room, "I heard crying! Whats up?" The girls shared a room, Olivia's stuff was on the other side of the room. "Just finished the last HP book..." Meg sniffed. Olivia sat down and stared at Meg in awe, "REALLY? God Meg! I'm still in the middle! DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME SPOILERS!" Olivia covered her ears and fell back onto her bed. Meg laughed a little. "No..I'm just upset..." Olivia shot up, "Ron doesn't die does he? What about Neville? And Fred and George? LUNA? What about Ginny? WHAT ABOUT DRACO?" Olivia raced through the characters. Meg shook her head, "No spoilers..." Though she desperatly wanted to tell her sister that Fred died, she couldn't bring herself to do it. Fred was their favourite, well...it was kinda like Meg got Fred and Olivia got George. But Olivia's always liked Fred a lot. Meg couldn't believe what JK Rowling had done! What was she thinking? Killing Fred! Absurd! "Oh well...Tomorrow we're going shopping." Olivia said as she puttered around their room. "For what?" Meg asked skeptically. "School! I really don't want to go to that girls boarding school. Girls only! Pah!" Meg nodded, "I wish it was Hogwarts." Olivia nodded sadly, "So do I, sis. So do I." The girls finally said good night and turned out the light, expecting life to go on normally. But nothing ever works out normally in stories... ;)

Meg was being shaken. "Meg...wake up. Wake up NOW!" Meg blinked her sister Olivia looked down on her. It was like looking into a mirror, unfortunately. Meg sat up and did a double take. She looked around her, "No way..." They were sitting in a train compartment. "Liv...whats going on?" Meg asked slowly. Olivia shook her head, "We're on some sort of train.." Meg sneered, "Thanks detective obvious..." Olivia began to stare at something above Meg's head. "What?" Meg asked. Olivia just pointed. Meg moved to Olivia's side of the compartment and looked up. There were two suitcases. Hers and Olivia's obviously. But something then caught her eye. On the suitcases it had there initials, MS and OS for Meg and Olivia Scarlet. But there was something else, a little brown tag that said, To Hogwarts. Meg stared, "What does this mean?" Olivia turned to Meg with a huge smile on her face, "I do believe dear sister, that this means that we've come to Hogwarts." Meg could feel a smile growing on her face too. And it just kept getting better when a crowd of flaming red hair appeared outside of their compartment. "This is not normal..." Meg whispered. But of course...nothing ever is.


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