Everyone goes their own way

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This story was requested by awaneesh1strivingbard. It's a true story just tweaked a little.

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012



Once upon a time....Yes I am doing it like a fairy tale, don't like it? Then don't read it.

Anyway Once apon a time there live a family of 5. A mother, a father, and 3 girls. 

They had a very happy life until one day the father kept coming home late from his job.

At first no one took any notice, but that changed when he decided to stay at a friends' house to have space to think.

He stayed there a week or so. Leaving His girls alone and the  mother wondering what she had done wrong.

He would come back everyday, but leave every night. 

One night the father and mother were fighting downstairs. 

The girls were curious and put their ears to the floor, listening intentively.

What they heard was not what they expected. 

When the father came upstairs he talked with the girls.

Each of them weeped, for he would no longer stay at home for a while. 

One of the girl's, the middle one in fact had asked her father to make a promise to her.

The promise was is that he would not leave her. 

Of course not all promises can be kept.

Within a week the girls found out the horrible truth of the father's abscence.

Another women was in the picture, and the friends' house was only a friend, not two.

The girls pleaded for their father to stay and not leave him, yet he did.

He still would visit them but when the girls' parents split it was hard on all of them. Only seeing their father a few times a week.

When the father requested more time to see his daughter's, it couldn''t be done. He got mad and refused to see the girls until he was able to see us more. 

A year later after not seeing him, he moved back to his home country. 

Now the girls only see him on their computers, barely. 

Everyday the middle child wondered why she hadn't come up with reasons for him to not go. She wanted him to stay, but eventually everyone goes their own way.

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