Online Daters

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When two friends go online to find themselves a hot guy, they unexpectedly end up wanting the same one.

Submitted: October 14, 2012

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Submitted: October 14, 2012







Lex, a 23 year old woman lives in an urban city apartment by herself. She has lots of good friends that she hangs out with all the time. She loves to have fun, but is sometimes reluctant to take risks. Her friends try to get her over that.



Anne, one of Lex's best friends, is an attractive, risk-taking, and fun-loving. She's 22 years old and she loves going out with friends--especially guys. When she finds people that aren't very daring, she loves to test her ability to get them to come out of their shell.






The setting takes place in a modern day city apartment where two adult friends are sitting on a couch. In front of them, they are looking at a laptop that sits on the coffee table. They are on an online dating website reading and comparing questions.




ANNE I'm excited that we're finally doing this! I've been trying to hook you up with a guy for months now, and I could use a new boyfriend, too.


LEX Yeah, well, I might as well try it. (Joking sarcasm in her voice.) It might be time for me to date as many guys as you do in a week. (Winks at ANNE.)


ANNE You only wish. So, you said you like that guy? Great, me too. Very attractive--Nice hair, nice eyes, good body; I approve. Let's check him out.


LEX (Studying the computer.) It says he likes fun-loving city girls. Very specific. And very oriented--toward us.


ANNE Oooh, looks like we might have found someone to try out. Look, it also says that he's a swimmer. And works as a lifeguard. Swimmers and lifeguards are hot. I hope you're getting my point here.


LEX (Laughs.) Yes, I think I like this guy too. What's his name? Jack? Cool. Hey, let's read some of the questions he's answered and see if I get the same ones that he did. You help me answer.


ANNE (Reads aloud.) "What is the most important feature of your partner--A lot of money, a nice body, or a sweet heart?" (Snorts.) That's easy.


LEX (Snickers.) Right?


(LEX and ANNE answer at the same time, with confidence.)


ANNE (enthusiastically.) A nice body!

LEX (Dreamily, smiles as she says it.) A sweet heart.


(They look at each other with doubtful faces.)


LEX Really, a nice body? I should have known you'd pick that.


ANNE C'mon, Lex. A sweet heart? The only thing that's sweet on a guy is his lollipop. If you know what I mean.


LEX Thanks for the analogy.


ANNE (Smiles and winks at LEX.)


LEX Next question. "Would you kiss someone before you knew their name?" 


(They answer again at the same time.)


LEX If I was a hoe!

ANNE Of course, why not!


BOTH Seriously?


ANNE You're just saying that because you never get out and do anything with a guy! Trust me, exchanging names takes too much time. Just get in there and kiss a dude!


LEX But--


ANNE See, but nothing. Next question, darling.


LEX (Shrugs.) "What is the appropriate amount of money for your partner to spend on your birthday?"


(LEX and ANNE stare at each other, both waiting for the other to answer first. They finally give in at the same time and answer simultaneously.)


LEX It's the thought that counts.

ANNE As much as he can!


LEX Too far! I feel bad for your future boyfriends.


ANNE At least my future boyfriends won't be broke hobos with flabby bodies.


LEX (Begins to object, but then has a realization.) . . .Touché.


ANNE Okay. . ."Do you prefer quiet, romantic dates over loud and crowded ones?"


(They both look at each other with doubtful looks on their faces.)


BOTH Skip.


(They move on to the next question.)


LEX "Exactly how many previous relationships is too many?"


(They both ponder this question for a few moments, occasionally looking at each other with skeptical looks.)


LEX Hmm. . .


BOTH Seven. In a year and a half.


(They open their mouths in surprise that they've come up with the same answer.)


BOTH (They give each other a synchronized high-five.) Nice!


(They put their focus back on the lap top.)


BOTH This guy is gonna love me!


(They quickly look up at each other competitively.)


BOTH (Unsatisfied.) Huh.




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