Spin the Bottle

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Kiya gets to kiss Peter, her true love, at a party during spin the bottle. She then leaves the room, unable to handle the perfect situation.

Submitted: October 20, 2012

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Submitted: October 20, 2012







Peter is a tall teenage boy who is very attractive, popular, funny, and nice. He spends a lot of his time with his friends, and a lot of his time playing soccer. He's very outgoing and fun and people always want him around. He broke up with Kiya a year and a half ago, and after a while, they became friends again. But, things are still a little awkward when they're alone because he doesn't know what to say to her. He likes talking to her, but things just aren't the way they used to be.



Kiya is a teenage girl. She has lots of friends, she's sweet, cool, and pretty. She loves to be around her friends, especially the guys. She gets along a lot better with guys than she does girls. She, like Peter, also spends a lot of her time playing soccer. When he broke her heart, she never stopped loving him, despite how he made her feel. But now, she tries to spend every moment she can with him. She tries to act normal around him, but she's always thinking about how much she loves him. Things can get awkward sometimes when they're alone with each other, but she still tries to get that time. She hopes that eventually, things between them will get better.







At a typical teenage party, this setting takes place on a dark Saturday night in a modern family neighborhood. Inside, the lights are dimmed, there are teens buzzing around everywhere, party litter scatters the two-story house, music booms, and food is found here and there. The energy is lively and loud, and you can see many teens smiling as you pass. This house has a nice style, newly furnished, with shiny hardwood floors. It looks new and strong and envious.


(Upstairs in a bedroom, a group of teens, including PETER and KIYA, get ready to play Spin the Bottle on the floor in front of a full-sized bed. They have formed a circle together, and they are all laughing and smiling and talking.)


KIYA (Takes a secret look at PETER.)


SEBASTIAN (Excited.) Okay, let's get this thing started! (He places an empty root beer glass in the center of the circle.) Who wants to go first?


(Some temporary shyness takes over the group, and no one wants to volunteer.)


SEBASTIAN Anyone? (Shrugs shoulders.) Okay, I guess I'll go! (He grabs the top of the bottle in the center and spins it hard.)


(The bottle eventually slows down and pinpoints on a girl named April. Some teens let out 'Oohs' and 'Ohs'.)


SEBASTIAN (Smiles.) Come here, April!


APRIL (She leans into the center of the circle and gives SEBASTIAN a kiss. When he tries to pull away, she grabs his shirt and pulls him in closer, while the rest of the circle lets out an 'Ooh' and 'Whoa'. APRIL finally lets go of SEBASTIAN.)


SEBASTIAN (Shakes his head, eyes wide.) Whoa. . .April's turn to spin!


APRIL (April leans in to spin the bottle. The bottle spins, then slows down to land on a girl named TAYLOR.)


(The group says an even bigger 'Ooh'.)


SEBASTIAN Ooh, looks like some girl-on-girl action! Go ahead, kiss! Kiss!


(The majority of the other teens join in with SEBASTIAN, chanting 'KISS! KISS! KISS!' until APRIL and TAYLOR move in to kiss.)


TAYLOR (She places her hand on APRIL'S cheek as they kiss, then they separate.) Tastes like Sebastian.


(The group laughs.)


APRIL Taylor's turn to spin! (Smiles.)


TAYLOR (Spins the bottle, and it lands on KIYA.)


SEBASTIAN Two girls in a row? Nice! C'mon girls, you know what's next!


KIYA (Leans in toward the center of the circle and kisses TAYLOR.)


TAYLOR (Smiles as they kiss.)


KIYA (Leans back to her spot.) My turn. (Smiles and spins the bottle. It lands in between PETER and a boy named DYLAN. She looks up and quickly finds an answer to the problem.) I'll spin again. (She spins the bottle one more time. This time, it lands directly on PETER.)


(The circle of teens quietly says 'Ooh', and shows looks of doubt, because they all know PETER and KIYA'S relationship background.)


PETER Do you want to. . .


KIYA (Hesitantly begins to lean in, one inch at a time.) I mean, it's nothing.


PETER (Begins to lean in toward KIYA.)


(They stop right before they touch lips.)


PETER (Whispers.) You don't have to if you don't want to.


KIYA (Whispers.) No, it's fine. (She kisses him immediately after she finishes her sentence.)


PETER (Kisses KIYA back, although they look like they are scared to go any further.)


(They slowly back off from each other.)


KIYA (Gives a small, friendly laugh.)


SEBASTIAN Nice! Peter, your turn!


KIYA I'll be right back, guys. (She heads out of the room and into the bathroom down the hall. She looks at her lips in the mirror.) Well, they don't look any different. But. . .(She makes sure no one is in the bathroom with her. She buries her face into the nearby hanging towel and screams.) OH MY GOD! (Quickly lifts her head back out of the towel.) That. . .was amazing.



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