The iChip

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

When friends discuss the new iChip from Apple in the year 2035, something goes terribly wrong with production and turns them all into controlled zombies, chasing their loved ones.





Hayden is an 18 year old guy who just graduated from high school and is enjoying his first free Summer with his friends and his girlfriend, Jess. Hayden is more toward the closed-minded side, and most of his views are old-fashioned.



Jess is a 19 year old girl who is getting ready to start her second year of college. Jess has lots of friends, including her boyfriend, Hayden. She is open-minded, but also has old-fashioned view points like her boyfriend. Jess is very close to her boyfriend, although she leaves his side during arguments sometimes.



James is a 20 year old college student on Summer break with his friends and his girlfriend, Mae. James is extremely impressionable, but he can think for himself. He lets his girlfriend give him most of his ideas, though, and almost every opinion she has, he'll agree with.



Mae is 19 years old and, like Jess, is about to enter her second year as a college student. Mae is very opinionated and drawn to new things such as fashion, food, and technology. She doesn't take much notice to how she controls most of James' opinions as well as hers, although her friends and others do.






The setting takes place in Chicago, Illinois in a leather-seated booth at Tiffany's Diner, during the year 2035. Two couples (The first guy and girl are 18 & 19 years old; The second are 20 & 19) are on a small, casual double date discussing the new iChip from Apple, a small device implanted in the side of your head that acts as a virtual laptop, phone, and music player in one.




(HAYDEN, JESS, JAMES, and MAE sit and discuss the new iChip from Apple.)


MAE This is awesome! I'm so addicted already. I mean, I can do everything on it. Everything I do at home or with my phone I can do here.


HAYDEN (sarcastic) And don't forget how great it felt when they drilled it into your brain.


MAE They didn't drill it into my brain. Yeah, I went through a little surgical procedure, but it's barely inside my head. Just enough for it to project out of my eyes. And it's cool, because it looks like it's right out in front of me. But I'm the only one who can see it. (She presses the 'OFF' button in her ear connected to the iChip in her head.)


JESS It's weird how just a few years ago, something like this would have been amazing. No one would have been able to imagine it. But now. . .It's just another product from Apple.


HAYDEN Yeah. It's kinda scary how much technology is around these days. It controls everyone's lives.


MAE Oh, whatever. You know that if all this technology wasn't around, you'd be totally lost. This stuff is amazing!


HAYDEN Like you. You're practically brain-washed at this point.


(Mae ignores his comment, turning on her iChip again.)


JAMES C'mon, it's not that bad. She's just interested by things like that.


HAYDEN Oh, not you too, James.


JAMES (shrugs shoulders.)


JESS So, Mae, I was thinking about taking some different classes next semester. You know, like, different than the ones I've been taking for the past few years. What do you think?


(Mae is distracted and does not answer.)


JESS Mae. . .MAE. . .HEY, can you answer me?


JAMES Hey, Mae? (looks up.) Why isn't she answering?


HAYDEN Distracted by her iChip. (Sighs.)


JAMES Well, yeah, but she's not responding at all. Mae? (Taps MAE on her shoulder.)


JESS Guys, what's going on with her?


HAYDEN (looks around the Diner.) Guys, look. (Alarmed.) There's a whole bunch of people who look like Mae.


(HAYDEN, JESS, and JAMES all look around the Diner to find that about half of the occupants are staring blankly and mesmerizingly into the air. They all stand up out of the booth to investigate.)


JESS (Approaches an unaffected person.) Do you know what's going on?


STRANGER (Frightened) It's the iChip. . .I read about this, I knew it would happen. They're being controlled by those sick things in their heads. What do we do?


JESS Oh my god. . .Guys, there's something seriously wrong there. I think--


(She stops speaking when all of the people using iChips suddenly and simultaneously stand up.)


JAMES What--What's going on. . .


HAYDEN I don't know. . .this is freaking me out.


JESS We have to go. . .We have to leave. Let's go.




(JESS, JAMES, and HAYDEN turn around to face the infected.)


JESS (Desperate) What do you want?


(Now infected, MAE grabs a steak knife from a nearby plate.)


HAYDEN Whoa. . .Mae, calm down. What are you doing?


(MAE abruptly throws the knife straight toward HAYDEN, which he barely dodges by ducking.)


JAMES Oh my god! Let's go, we've gotta leave!


(The three begin to sprint toward the exit of the Diner while every infected person grabs the nearest knife, and begins to throw them.)


JESS (screams.) They all have knives! We're not gonna make it!


HAYDEN (Cries out in pain.) Ahh!


JAMES They got you! Oh my god, Hayden!


HAYDEN I'm fine, keep running! Keep dodging!


JESS There! (Points to the exit, which is blocked by one of the armed infected.)


JAMES (Rushed.) Okay, I'm gonna tackle him. I'll jump straight at him and he'll fall. Then, you guys get out of here right after.


JESS Um, and you?


JAMES I'll be right there! I swear. Ready? (He picks up speed as he runs toward the door. He jumps toward the door-blocker's legs, bringing him down to the floor.) GO, GO, GO!


(HAYDEN and JESS quickly push open the door while JESS holds it open for JAMES, who's getting off of the floor for a quick break away.)


JAMES Run, run! I'm almost there! (He rushes through the door as he, HAYDEN, and JESS sprint along the sidewalk. They see more of the infected coming toward them outside.)


JESS There's more. . .There's more?! How do we get out of this?


HAYDEN This isn't even real anymore! We have to be in a dream or something.


JAMES I know. . .but it is real. . .let's go. We can hide behind that dumpster.


(They run toward a dumpster behind the Diner and sit on the filthy floor.)


HAYDEN (frightened.) I hear them. . .they're coming. The iChips have infected their brains, and they're coming.


(The dumpster is being moved away from JESS, HAYDEN, and JAMES by the infected.)


JESS (Under her breath.) Oh my god. Oh my god.


(MAE appears in front of the dumpster along with uncountable infected people. They all hold weapons, mostly knives.)


JAMES (Whispers.) Mae. . .My Mae. . .


(A sudden change in Mae's eyes appears, and she drops her weapon. The rest of the infected slowly drop their's as well.)


MAE (Robotic.) Apple.


(The infected all fall to the floor at the same time, not moving.)




Submitted: October 13, 2012

© Copyright 2022 KiyaMichelle. All rights reserved.

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