The Kiss You'd Never Expect

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This is a true story that actually happened to me, with no edits or fakes. Everything in this scene is 100% true, and names have not been changed--When Chris kisses Kiya out of nowhere, Hunter gets him back by kissing her, making it one of the best nights of Kiya's life.

Submitted: October 12, 2012

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Submitted: October 12, 2012







Kiya is a 13 year old girl, although everyone believes she is 17 because of her maturity, development, and intelligence. She has come to this camp to practice the art of acting. She's made many friends, including Chris, her best friend at the camp. She has an overwhelming like for Hunter, to the point where she sometimes cries when she thinks about him in general--But she also knows how she can never be with him.



Chris is also an actor, and has almost the opposite age situation of Kiya. He is 15, but everyone thinks he is still in middle school because of his high-pitched voice, shortness, and maturity level. Chris is very funny and fun to be around, but he can also be moody and slutty. He doesn't really take life and girls seriously. This personality can be great with someone else's, or it can really clash.



Hunter is a relatively short 16 year old teenage guy in which Kiya is crushing on. This would be normal, except for the fact that Hunter is gay. Kiya knows herself that nothing could ever happen because of this, which makes her crush extremely hard and sadly hopeless. Hunter is very caring and reasonable. He doesn't think anything intimate should be going on between people who aren't very familiar with each other (Example, Chris and Kiya). He's pretty much a very proper person, as well, and he doesn't like others who do

degrading or promiscuous things.






On this summer night, the setting takes place on a college campus at a camp for gifted and talented students who perform the arts of musical theatre, acting, visual arts, digital film making, creative writing, and orchestra as they live in the dorms for two weeks. Tomorrow is the last day of camp, and a dance is going on in the black box theatre where the acting students practice. On three sides, there are plush, red chairs on different levels where the audiences sit.  The room is a little small, though, and there is one elevated corner of the room where the DJ is playing music very loudly from surrounding speakers. Lights in all different colors flash and moves from spot to spot in the otherwise pitch-black room.




(CHRIS, ABBY, ERIN, and KIYA dance together.)


CHRIS(Shouting over the music.) This reminds me of homecoming! I just have to kiss, like, eighteen people!


KIYA(Mouths the word 'Wow' to ERIN)


(CHRIS dances toward KIYA, until they are side-by-side. CHRIS brings his body closer to hers. He leans in and quickly gives her a short and sloppy kiss.)


KIYA (Continues to dance. Has a blank expression.)


CHRIS Tastes good.


KIYA What. . .?


CHRIS Your lips taste good. What are you wearing?


KIYA Uh. . .Chapstick?


CHRIS (Raises eyebrows in appeal)


KIYA (Walks away. Sees HUNTER and walks up to him.




KIYA Chris just kissed me. . .(Weirded-out expression.)


HUNTER (Mouth gaped open.) Like, on the lips?


KIYA (Nods with same expression.)


HUNTER What did you do?


KIYA (Thinks for a second.) Well, we were dancing together, and then all of a sudden, he leaned in and just kissed me! Then he told me my lips tasted good and asked what I was wearing, and I said 'Um. . .Chapstick?' (Shrugs shoulders in confusion.)


HUNTER Slap him!


KIYA (Ignores HUNTER's comment.) I don't know why he did it.


HUNTER (Sighs.)


KIYA Well, actually, earlier he said that this dance reminds him of his homecoming, but he just has to kiss, like, eighteen people.


HUNTER (Gives an outward breath out of surprise. Doesn't know what to say first.) I mean. . .(Outward sigh) What are you going to do?


KIYA (Thoughtful pause. Reconsiders, because she wasn't planning to do anything about it.) I don't know. . . What should I do? I mean. . . I don't know.


HUNTER You don't kiss someone like that; It's just such a dick thing to do! He shouldn't have done that. (Shakes head in disapproval.)


KIYA Yeah. . . (Shrugs shoulders.)


(HUNTER and KIYA dance away from each other.)


(Ten minutes pass. CHRIS, KIYA, and their group of friends are dancing together by the front row of seats. HUNTER and KIYA make eye contact.)


KIYA (Gives grossed-out look to HUNTER about the subject of their previous conversation of the forced kiss.)


HUNTER (Brushes KIYA's bottom lip with his thumb. Gives her a look as if he's trying to tell her something.)


KIYA What?


HUNTER (Brushes her lip with his thumb again, with the same expression on his face.)


KIYA What??


HUNTER (Sighs and shakes his head.) Never mind. (Turns to walk away.)


KIYA (Grabs HUNTER's shoulder) No, tell me!


HUNTER (Sighs, and pauses in thought. Then, grabs KIYA by the wrist and brings her to the chairs. They sit in two seats in the front row.) You're just gonna let him do that to you?


KIYA (Glances at HUNTER, at their still-together hands, and then back at HUNTER. She turns her head sideways; she does not know what to say or do.) What should I do?


(HUNTER and KIYA slowly drop hands unconsciously.)


HUNTER (Breaths outward in thought. Looks around the room for a second.) Wait until he looks over here.


KIYA (Leaning against the arm of the chair, facing HUNTER, she waits, looking out at the dancers.)


HUNTER (Suddenly and quickly, but gently, turns to KIYA very quickly and puts her face in his hands. He kisses her.)


KIYA (Caught by surprise, her body is tense, but then relaxes into the kiss.)


(Their heads and lips softly move with each other's. The kiss is slow, and lasts about five seconds.)


HUNTER (Gently and slowly lowers his hands from her face as they pull apart. Looks up at CHRIS.)


(KIYA's mouth is open in shock, and her hands are hovering over the arm rests. She looks at HUNTER who's giving CHRIS a crooked smile that says something like 'Yeah, I did it.'


CHRIS's mouth is completely open and his expression is a glare toward HUNTER, as if KIYA is his property in which only he can touch. After a long glare at him, he switches his gaze to KIYA.


KIYA still has the same expression on her face, and can't help but turn her cheeks up when CHRIS looks at her. CHRIS quickly turns his eyes back on HUNTER, glares, and turns back to his dancing group.


KIYA and HUNTER turn to face each other at the same time, expressions still the same way they've been.)


KIYA (Her grin gets bigger as she speaks.) He's. So. Jealous.


HUNTER (Laughs in agreement and smiles a big smile at KIYA.)




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