Unexpected Yes

Script by: KiyaMichelle


Kailyn surprises everyone--even herself--when she says yes to Payton.


Submitted: October 17, 2012

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Submitted: October 17, 2012







Kailyn, a teenage girl, is a fun, nice, smart and pretty girl. She has lots of friends who mean a lot to her. She also has Payton--the boy she's loved since first sight. They were a couple during the summer of seventh grade, and he broke her heart. From then on, she's given all she's got to get them to be better friends again. Sometimes it's awkward between them when they talk one-on-one, but she doesn't care. She spends lots of time with him during school, mostly in class. Kailyn loves Payton with all her heart, and he's the most important person in her world. She wishes that they could be together, but she would never be with him again because of how much he hurt her.



Payton is a popular teen guy who has lots of friends, is cute, funny, and everyone loves to have him around. He takes most relationships seriously, and doesn't go for 2-week blow-offs. He tries to be genuine and sincere, but he broke Kailyn's heart breaking up with her. She was his first kiss, and he did a lot of new things with her. Although he broke up with her, he's starting to have second thoughts a year and a half later. He's starting to like her again and he wants her to like him back, but he doesn't know if she does. Despite his skepticism, he still wants to try and see what comes of their relationship.







At this 'Returning-to-school' party on a September Saturday evening, many teens are gathered in a packed household. Music plays, food is plentiful, and conversations fill the atmosphere as the teenagers talk about the new school year they've begun. Many teenagers stand in a bedroom with dimmed lights, a twin bed, and typical teen-guy decorations, also including party litter scattered around several areas.




(PAYTON, KAILYN, WILL, LESLIE, LYNN, and other friends discuss their recent summer events.)


WILL Okay, so, this might be hard to believe--But, my summer was actually pretty plain.


LESLIE Yeah, so was mine. I hung out with friends, but we really didn't go anywhere. But, that's usually what my summers are.


LYNN I had fun. We went to a lot of concerts and stuff. And I let my friends dye my hair, like, every week.


WILL (Laughs.) Nice.


PAYTON I had fun, too. It wasn't crazy, but yeah it was  cool.


KAILYN I actually had fun this year. I usually have pretty average summers, but I did everything I wanted to this year. Surprising.


PAYTON I can't believe we're back at school already.


WILL Really? It seemed like the longest summer ever.


KAILYN So, Will. . .any summer relationships? (Winks.)


WILL Nah, you guys?


LESLIE No, Xavier dumped me, like a loser. Said I was too young.


LYNN Awww! I'm sorry Leslie.


LESLIE It's okay, I'm fine. You, Payton?


PAYTON Nope. Just me.


KAILYN (Suddenly.) Me too.


PAYTON So, no one?


KAILYN No one.


PAYTON Tha-that's cool. (Nodds in reassurance.)


WILL I'm gonna go get some food. Who wants to come with me?


LESLIE I'll go.


LYNN Yeah, me too. 


PAYTON (Looks at KAILYN and lifts his eyebrows.)


KAILYN I guess I'll just stay here.


PAYTON Yeah, me too.


(WILL, LESLIE, and LYNNA exit.)


KAILYN So, what actually did you do this summer?


PAYTON You know, hung out with friends. Will and I hung  out a lot. And, of course, soccer.


KAILYN Oh, me too. And I went to a camp. It was really cool.


PAYTON Oh, that's cool.


KAILYN (Smiles.)


PAYTON So. . .you probably like someone. Who is it?


KAILYN (Laughs.) Why?


PAYTON (Taken by surprise.) Oh, just wondering.


KAILYN (Smiles.) Well. . .actually, no. I don't like anyone. (Puts a discreet emphasis on the word 'like'.)


(WILL, LESLIE, and LYNN enter, pausing at the doorway to talk to each other.)



PAYTON (Looks away from KAILYN. He looks thoughtful and undecided. Then, bursts out conversation.) Okay, listen. (Under his breath.) I can't believe I'm doing this. 


(WILL, LESLIE, and LYNN stop their conversation to listen to what PAYTON and KAILYN are talking about, curious after they see the troubled look on PAYTON'S face.)


PAYTON (More confident.) I know what I did. I know I lost you. Myself. But, Kailyn. . .I want you again. I want us to be a couple. I want us to go places, and do things, and experiences more firsts. I was wrong to break your heart. I didn't mean to, I swear to you. But imagine how great our relationship now would be. We won't make the same mistakes. I want you to go out with me again!


(WILL, LESLIE, and LYNN slowly and discreetly walk closer to PAYTON and KAILYN.)


KAILYN (Mouth slightly gapes open in surprise. Shakes her head and looks down, then abruptly answers.) Yes!


(WILL, LESLIE, and LYNN gasp.)


(PAYTON grins with joyous surprise.)


(KAILYN shows a look of confusion at herself.)

© Copyright 2017 KiyaMichelle. All rights reserved.

Unexpected Yes

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Kailyn surprises everyone--even herself--when she says yes to Payton.
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