What is the significance of the red rose in the irony 'Appointment with Love'?

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This article is dedicated to Chaoticlover. I cannot describe to you how sorry I am 'Feeling'.Please note: You need to read the story in the link below. I did not write it and hold no rights to the story or the website. http://hearttoheart.wordpress.com/2009/12/17/appointment-with-love/

.Here is my bullcrap essay which one me accolades in school. This was two years ago in a 11 grade exam . Its still means bullcrap to me. This is my first online publish and I am writing this to make up with Chaoslover. Here is hoping she reads it... Warning contains suggestive abstract humor. Deliberate mistakes also included.

Submitted: October 09, 2012

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Submitted: October 09, 2012



Educated people know that red has the highest frequency in the light spectrum. The rest know that red means love, or for some... blood. In the lesson 'Appointment with Love', written by Sulamith - Ish Kishore, it Stands significant in the form of a rose - A Red Rose.

The story of why this red rose was important and how did it make its significance through its use as a Catalyst is elaborate. To cut it Short, yes, the red rose is the premiere Catalyst which helped Lt. Blanford identify Hollis Meynell. The Story of Lt.Blanford and Hollis Meynell is as I stated earlier - elaborate. But let us get Started from the point where Lt. Blanford is waiting for the woman who has written so many letters and has truly inspired him - Six minutes to Six. Lt. Blanford and Hollis Meynell decide to meet each other personally at the Grand Central Station in New York. Hollis would identify Blanford through the book \"Of Human Bondage\" and Hollis, as both of them had agreed upon would wear a red rose in her suit lapel. The most important role of the rose was the identification of Hollis to Blanford. Secondly, it also kept Blanford from not making a mistake in identifying Hollis Meynell in his state of anxiety and nervousness. Hollis, on the other hand, had assigned a different role to the 'role' - of proof of Lt. Blanford's true love to Hollis' character and not her looks. She asked a middle-aged woman to wear the rose in her suit lapel so that she could test whether Blanford's love was true or just materialist, based on Hollis' looks or even worse - just for the need of a person to console him when he was lonely. When Blanford asked the middle aged woman for permission to take her to dinner, the rose, the love and trust significant red rose served its purpose of testing Blanford's love for Hollis, which proved to be true, and therefore in the building of trust between Hollis and Blanford's relationship. Thus is assured Blanford's love towards Hollis.

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