My Two Boys

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I wrote this about my two boys

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011



I love my two boys more than anything

I buy them toys and everything

Kenny Lee and Cash

One day they will catch the fat bass

They can make music

Their fire can fuel it

They can waterski

Or just float

Ride on jet skis

Or take out the boat

They can go to the skate park

Or take a walk in the park

It's great to see they have that Stringfellow spark

My two boys mean the world to me

They grow up way to quick it seems

Without them I'd be lost and never found

I love how they just clown around

They will never judge me

Because they will know me

I will always be there for them

Through thick and thin

I will stand by their side

As long as I'm alive

I will always be honest

And speak from the heart

I will do my best

To teach them that part

My two boys are so special to me

Im so glad they joined the Stringfellow family tree

I pray they grow and prosper

Each and every day

Live life to the fullest

Let nothing stand in the way

I will do my best to guide them

In every way I can

From little babies

To boys

And one day man

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