An Insidious Deception part 1 of 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sometimes Life takes many turns, and we don't have the options to change them, so we accept and move forward.

The look of disappointment was more than Rachel wanted to see that night as she told her parents of her dilemma…She had graduated early at age sixteen, with honors from high school, even got a full scholarship to college…her life would be put on hold… It was the 60’s and the world had it’s own views regarding babies born “ “out of wedlock” ….she was sent to stay with a relative until the time came for her to deliver…..The doctor she had chosen appeared very sympathetic to her plight and on many occasions had spoken of the hard times she would face as a single parent , and asked if had she weighed all her options ? He also asked if she wished to know the gender of the baby. She said no to the gender issue and regarding her options, she would take one day at a time.Her Mom and Dad were very supportive when she told them of her decision to keep and raise the baby, as the father had already joined the Marines and was stationed in Vietnam, perhaps one day,they would reunite ...she had no idea if she would ever see him again.
The next few months were spent getting ready for the birth and her introduction to Motherhood. , but, her anxiety grew more intense every day.It was a bitter cold November day, many businesses had closed due to the severe snow storms, it was 18 degrees below zero , the snow was already 4 feet deep and snow was still falling. Rachel remembered entering the hospital , people running and moving all around me…the rest was a blur…she awoke with a headache, the nurse said she had been out for hours and the doctor should be in shortly. .where’s my baby ? and the nurse left the room without even responding. A few minutes later the doctor entered. He asked how are you feeling ? then proceeded to inform her that she had given birth to twins, a girl and a boy, however the boy was stillborn. Rachel did not see the doctor again, until she checked out of the hospital at which time he never said a word...The infant boy was buried and Rachel never even got to see him.
She named the baby girl Brooke and took her home…to start their lives together. Rachel moved in to her Parents guest house, while she attended college and worked part-time... during these years,  was when she was informed of the death of her children's father, he had been killed in Vietnam...
Eight years later she graduated Medical School and was doing her internship at a teaching hospital. .that’s where she met the man of her dreams... Dr. Phillip Kahn... Radiologist... Four years later they married…..and lived a very happy life…but as life sometimes goes awry…and you will see why later...
Brooke grew up, never wanting for anything, her stepfather adored her. She was a very outgoing young lady, who excelled in all subjects in school. She loved sports and her riding skills were well noted in the Equestrian society. She received several scholarships and had her pick of the top colleges...Her parents were very proud.
Upon graduating from college, Brooke had majored in Journalism and accepted a job in France with a major International company, for a two-year program and she would stay in with a friend she had met in college.
It was a rainy day, in South France in the small town of Villereal , when Brooke decided to stop in a café for coffee and a croissant. She had been on assignment for a month, traveling through Southern France. While sitting there, she caught the eye of a stranger ,who was sitting with a group, he looked and smiled, but she felt there was something familiar about him, she finished her coffee and left.
Just as he got up the nerve to approach her.. she was gone...
The next day she returned to Paris, where she was to meet her friend for lunch, as she, reached the table there was the stranger again.. sitting at the table, with her friend.He stood up as her friend introduced him... “Brooke this is my cousin, Lars Olson he lives in Denmark and is on assignment here is France.”
Deja Vue....You are the girl I saw yesterday at the cafe , he said, they both laughed.

To be continued " Insidious Deception" Part 2.....




Submitted: August 25, 2015

© Copyright 2022 kjforce. All rights reserved.

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I hate how it's the woman who has to put up with the judging remarks if she's pregnant "out of wedlock". I know it was the '60's, but the way the man can get by without being criticised.. It's unfair, but you can't change the way biology is :S I'm glad she kept the child, though it was sad when the boy was stillborn. To have nine months to get used to the idea of a child, only to have its life taken from you before you even get to know it.. Nature's vicious. The father died without even knowing he had children? At least Brooke had a father-figure in her life, and is doing well for herself. I wonder who this Lars fella is? She says he looks familiar-- I'd wonder if her real father had children and the kid looked like him, but she never met her dad, so I wonder why he looks familiar? Good job with this; keep writing :)

Tue, August 19th, 2014 7:10pm


smircle...thank you for commenting on part #1...please read part #2 to answer your questions and hopefully explain this was all a deception that took a turn no one expected...Lars is Brooks husband...and her Mother is Rachel...look forward to hearing your comments of what you think after reading part 2...kj

Tue, August 19th, 2014 7:35pm

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