An Insidious Deception Part 2 of 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

As we move through Life, there are turns and twists which we have no control, so we just roll with what we are given.


Title: Insidious Deceptions part 2 of 2

Summary: As we move through Life, there are turns and twists which we have no control, so we just roll with what we are given.
Page Summary: As we move through Life, there are turns and twists which we have no control, so we just roll with what we are given.
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~~The story continues as Brooke and Philip have fallen in Love and married...and Life is good....and they are returning to America to start their lives as a family….
Brooke was looking forward to Lars meeting her parents , she knew they would love him as much as she did. They made their arrangements to head back to America.
We are so glad you are coming home, said her mother, when Brooke called her parents, and we are looking forward to meeting Lars ...They made plans to have dinner  that week-end, upon their arrival back in the U.S. Her Dad opened the door, as she reached for the front door handle, I saw you coming up the porch he said and gave her a big hug....and without another breath said “ you must be Lars welcome to our family”....Mom's in the kitchen...Brooke headed in that direction..” .Oh, my you're here. .I can't believe it , I missed you so much” cried her mom and they hugged for what seemed like hours...can't wait to meet Lars her mom said... As they walked towards the patio Brooke shared her news , she was pregnant ! Upon reaching the patio, “ You must be Lars” said Lars took her hand, and they hugged. Rachel could not believe her eyes ...she was sixteen again and starring into the eyes of her first love... it was all there, the hair, the  eyes, the  smile she went numb...
 Rachel you OK ? asked Philip....Yes dear, of course. So good to have you back home Brooke said Rachel, as they walked back into the house...Dinner’s ready...Let’s eat.
The months went by very quickly and the snow was heavy on the night of Logan’s birth, a healthy ten pounds and 22 inches long, the doctor said there were no complications with the delivery, baby and Mom are fine...however, he did notice a small  birth mark, which he said looked like a tiny triangular shape... sort of like his Mom’s.

Through the years , Rachel had never stopped researching medical records on the death of her son .  She never did find any records of birth on a baby boy born the date of her twins, or a death certificate. It was as though he never existed, and it appeared as Brooke was a single birth.
It was only because of Rachel’s affiliation with the Health care system that she had acquired access to the researching of medical records, but to no avail. The Doctor who did the delivery,  was deceased, but recently  an action of “ conscious clearing “ by the doctor’s wife, brought her to contacting Rachel and giving her all the documents...
 Rachel had finally uncovered the truth, but what good would it do now?
There would be to many lives destroyed, which is why Rachel opted to never discuss it.
The Doctor had made the decision , being Rachel was a single mother, she would be unable to care for two babies, especially a boy, so he arranged for Sven and Sonja Olson to adopt the baby, they returned to Denmark and no one was the wiser, anyway,  what were the odds that the twins would ever cross paths ?
Rachel carried the secret to her grave... never divulging to anyone what she had discovered... .
Why let an  “ ambiguous  deception “, destroy a Love so deep ?

Submitted: August 25, 2015

© Copyright 2020 kjforce. All rights reserved.

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Awesome! Intriguing and engaging writing.

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Mon, June 23rd, 2014 9:40am


BrownKat..thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my story...and the info on contest, much appreciated..kjforce

Mon, June 23rd, 2014 12:49pm

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