How to get a girl. And how to treat her right

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Boys, this one is for you!

Listen good guys, girls don't want to be known as toys or slaves, they want to be known as the only special thing in your life.
 Now, lets get started

these are steps to get girls and to treat them well...

CHAPTER ONE: how to get a girl

1.) Start talking to this girl on Facebook, text or twitter (any will do)

2.) Start talking to her in person (A chat from new guys always makes us happy)

3.) start getting to know her friends and texting them aswell

4.) Invite this girl out somewhere (if she likes you well enough then say its a date)

5.) On the date you get her sitting down and you put her arm around her (If she has an odd look on then just start talking to  her normal but don't take your arm of untill she tells you to or you are moving)

6.) approche her in school and smile at her in a romantic way (if she doesn't smile back then ask her 'did you enjoy our time together?' and see the answer

7.) later, ask her out on another date but try and go for a kiss.

8.) she will be thinking of you now, wait a week and then ask her out. (if she says no then get better friends with her and then try)

CHAPTER TWO: how to treat her right

1.) at this point you are going out with her. you need to pay attension to her everyday.

2.) You need to make sure you are friends with her friends, you don't want to get on their bad side or they will not like your girlfriend and then she will dump you.

3.) you need to spend time with her when SHE wants to because if she doesn't want to, then your taking time away from her friends and girls need to work hard aswell so they dont end up choosing you over their friends!

4.) before a date, memorise the convocations you will have otherwise on the date it will just be awfully awkward :/

5.) when you see her, always greet her with a hug and then a kiss.

6.) always answer her messages because if you don't, we tend to think you are ignoring us!

7.) never tell her 'your the one' because it will scare her away because its to forward

8.) don't talk to much about yourself, ask about her life aswell ;)


THANKS FOR READING by Kaitlyn Weir (see my profile)


Submitted: January 05, 2013

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that is good stuff

Wed, February 15th, 2017 8:07pm

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