Distance means nothing.

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Distance means nothing when i have you.

Distance doesn't mean a thing as long as i have you.

Do you have someone who means everything to you ? Completes you ? Makes you feel amazing? Makes your heart beat faster every time you talk to them or see them ? Well i do.

Damn, she's so beautiful. This girl may be thousands of miles away from me but in a way she is still here. In my wallet i carry a picture of her and in my locker too. I look at it every day and wish i could be beside her, so i could pull her close to me,caress her face in my hand, look into her eyes, leand in and kiss her softly. So i could hold her hand in mine. So i could feel her body against mine. So i could tell her how much she means to me. How much i love her. How much i want to show her that i love her.

I love the way she cares, trusts and loves me. Her smile is the best, i love it when she smiles. I love her accent its so damn sexy and the way she bites her lip i just want to pull her close and kiss her and bite her lip softly. 

Who found who? We will never know but all i know is how i feel about her, how she makes me feel. All i ever want her to know is that i will always be right here with her, doesn't matter if its thousands of miles away or right beside her, she will always have me. No matter what.

I didn't think i would ever fall for a girl this fast but i have fallen and im never getting back up. She is perfect.So god damn perfect.I would do anything for this girl. I wish i could have found her sooner. 

People say distance makes a relationship stronger, but i have never felt stronger than when i am with her.There will be a day when i can hold her in my arms every day and everynight and i can not wait.

Submitted: August 31, 2015

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