Love lost...

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Have you ever lost someone you love so much but the only person you can blame is yourself...

Submitted: October 28, 2015

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Submitted: October 28, 2015



Have you ever lost someone that means so much to you? That you love so dearly? Ans it's all because you thought it was the best thing to let go. You think to yourself ' She's amazing! Look at her! She loves you for you! And you've just let go of that?!' You only wanted what is best for her, so she can enjoy life without you holding her down, or her worying about you, so she can see if another guy can love her the way you should be able too, to see if another guy can sweep her off of her feet. A guy that ca tell her that he loves her,who can kiss,hug and love her. But then your heart aches knowing that if that happened you couldnt live with the thought of it. You couldnt live with the thought of another guy whispering in her ear late at night the three words she wants to hear ' I love you' because that should be you.You threw away the best thing you had because you're scared,scared of love,scared of getting so close to someone and getting hurt,scared of falling so hard and not being able to get back up. So you let her go. Even though you only said it's for now,it still hurts you because do you really think she is going to wait for you when another guy could treat her better than you did? You set her free so she could enjoy life and set her career and seek more than just whats she has and so she doesn't get in anymore trouble because of you. Yes that's caring and yes it may have been done out of love, you let her go and oneday you're hoping when everything is okay and everything has settled that she will come back into your life and you can be together again. But the reality? She will find someone, someone who can actually touch her,love her and not break her heart that you have so wrongly done. Then all that is left a crumbledmess in your hands that was your heart because you let go of the absolute best thing you had in this world. And yet you did it out of love. Hoping she could understand, enjoy life, settle and not need to worry. You did that because of how much you love her. But guess what? Love can only stretch so far until you lose her for good. Yet again sometimes when you let go of someone you love so much, after everything they come back to you after they have fulfilled their future they come back and when they do you never ever let them go again. And you are wishing that happens with you because you love her to much to see her slip away because of your stupid mistake...

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