Only You

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Falling for you..

Submitted: January 24, 2018

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Submitted: January 24, 2018



When I looked in the mirror I never recognised my reflection staring back at me. When my friends told me I was changing. I always thought ' Well is that such a bad thing?' When I tried to love it just ended up all wrong. When I tried to be happy it was always fake. When I was asked ' When are you going to settle down?' It always sounded like a recurring joke. When I used to close off all my emotional doors and hide my feelings it was always to feel secure. When I was always myself it was always for me. Never for another.


Now I find myself opening up all my doors. Now I find there is no need to fake my happiness.

Before I never found the right one to say my love is finally enough. Never found the type to make a movie night sound so good. Never thought that your love was all that I needed. Never thought I would ever utter the words. ' I have fallen'.


Now when I am calling, I am calling for you. When I am smiling, I am smiling because of you. When I am loving, I am loving you. When I am falling, I fall deeper for you.


Never thought someone's touch could mean more to me than yours does. Never thought someone's kiss could make me feel the way yours does. Everything you do makes me feel so many different emotions.


The curve in your back, the way your lips curl up when you smile, the way you get annoyed at my stupidity, the way your eyes change colour with every emotion that you feel. The way you throw your arm over me and cwtch me closer in your sleep. The way you sing to yourself when you think I aren't listening. Every little thing you do, that you think I don't notice, only makes me fall utterly and stupidly in love with you.


Now when I look in the mirror at my reflection, it is smiling back at me and that smile is because of you. When I look at my hands,I realise that these hands are to hold you and to build a future with you. When I look at our rings, I realise the promise I have made to be devoted to you and only you and for me that is one of the easiest things I could ever do. To walk beside you through whatever this harsh world throws at us.


For you all I ever do is continue to fall.


Only for you.

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