She got me hooked...

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She got me hooked and i love it...

Just thinking about her makes me smile, blush and makes me feel funny. She is so beautiful, so gorgeous and she doesnt even know it. Talking to her makes me smile, it makes my day. The way she looks at me and smiles, giggles and lets her hair fall in front of her face. Its just so adorable, so cute. I cant help but smile. The way she makes me laugh with the smallest things she does. She says she's weird but so am i, so i guess we are a perfect match. She has me so hooked on her, on the thought of her.

I would do anything to be beside her, to cwtch her, to hold her, to kiss her, to brush her hair behind her ear and bring her face closer to mine and kiss her forhead, to love her. To tell her in person that i love her, to show her how much i love her. Im so content just hearing her talk on the phone, to watch her as she does something, to listen to her, to see her face.To have her cwtched into my chest at night when we sleep, to cwtch and watch tv, to see her wearing my hoddies, t shirts and shirts. To have her body against mine. I would love it.

She is so sexy, her lip biting, it drives me crazy. Just makes me want to hold her face and kiss her and bite her lip.I cant even begin to explain how i fell about her, how she makes me feel. She says her school uniform looks 'square' but damn she looks so sexy in it. She even looks so sexy in her hoodie and pyjamas. She looks so gorgeous when she has just woken up and before she sleeps. She look so cute when she wears her glasses. 

Im your man and your my girl. No one could ever take that away from me. You are so so beautiful and dont let anyone ever tell you different. They way you make me feel i cant even begin to explain. All i know is that im so in love and i have fallen for you and im never getting back up. Your smile is damn cute, your body, your smile, so sexy and gorgeous and i would do anything to see your smile. 

You know who you are.. I love you ;) 


Submitted: September 05, 2015

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