His Last Breath And After Death

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Five friends head out to a club for a little get together when one of them comes back from being at sea for a long while. A collision with a truck causes their death.

Submitted: September 01, 2009

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Submitted: September 01, 2009



All I remember was screams, the screams that haunt me to this day, the screams of my closest friends. At their death beds everyone was sobbing, praying for a miracle that would bring back their sons, daughters, cousins, nieces and nephews. It truly was the most depressing day of my life, a day that rebuked every inch of hope I was ever entrusted. I loved them dearly and here I stood at their graves with not anymore than a bruise. I glared up at the sky, rainclouds bellied above us and as the first raindrop planted itself on the coffin of my only girlfriend I began to recollect the events of the night.

“Bye Mom. Tell Dad I’ll be home late okay?” I smiled at my mom as she watched me with tears welled up in her eyes. “What?” I had to ask, it began to bother me.

With a sigh she replied, “My baby’s all grown up now, going out with her friends.”

I giggled, “I am eighteen, Mom.” She just smiled back at me when Jay, my best friend, pulled up in my garage. “Kasey!” he called. I rushed to the garage door and flew on him drowning him in the biggest bear hug ever. He just hugged me back, pulled me off, looked at me strangely and smiled. “Damn, it’s good to see you.”

“You too Jay, I missed you.” I hadn’t seen him for a while, since he began studying marine biology in Jamaica. “Yep, it’s good to be in sweet Trinidad again.”

“You’re gonna cry now?” I asked sarcastically.

“No Kase, but we do have to leave if we want to reach on time.” He may have said so but I knew him well, that, and his eyes sold him out. We got into the car and headed off to pick up three other people, Jade, Jussy and Jissabelle. They were siblings and Jissabelle was the only other girl who was brave enough to hang with us. I must admit, we were sort of tomboyish. We went to this club called ‘Da Curfew’, in Port-of-Spain. Jay decided to be the responsible ‘wanna be’ designated driver. At first we all thought he was joking, but at the end of the night he was as sober as something that’s sober.

Anyhow, the club was amazing, the lighting was wow, the effects, fake smoke the wooden floor and more or less the dark room with lights flashing all over making drunken people puzzled. Well I don’t know about the other drunken people but I was so confused. Surely I thought it was worth it. The night was turning out to be so spectacular, so it seemed, until Jay pulled me outside. If I wasn’t confused before, guess what? He went down on one knee, he looked up at me, my expression was surely blank, he looked down and my heart began pumping, “what the hell is he doing?” I whispered to my self. I stared at him, now realising how gorgeous he was. His light brown hair, his huge brown eyes, his flawless face, his prominent jaw bone, his semi-gothic shirt, his dark blue jeans, his Nike sneakers with skulls at the side, oh I loved those skulls, they were so, okay I just liked them. Nevertheless I was falling for my best friend, while he dipped into his pants’ pocket and pulled out, the most, unbelievably huge tube of crazy glue. I was a bit shock and I half smile and stared at him. “What are you doing?”

“Your shoe’s heel was coming out.” I began to laugh

“For a minute there I thought you were going to propose.”

“Propose to you. Kase you’re losing your mind.” He laughed

“Hey I’m proposable, you know.” I looked at him hoping for some sign that he might like me but he just continued smiling. The music began to bang inside, I rushed back in and the rest of the lime was awesome.

The five of us got back into the car, chatting about the exiting time. I stared at the time on my phone; it was a quarter past four. “Guys my mom is going to kill me.” Jissabelle complained. “Kill you? What about us?” her brothers replied. We all began to laugh. The engine of the car roared as Jay started up. He didn’t converse much while driving back; he only spoke when he was asked something. “Jay, you okay bro?” Jade asked as he realised something was wrong. Jay just nodded and smiled. The car suddenly became quiet and no one questioned it. Whatever was going through Jay’s head only he knew. It made me angry because he didn’t say what he was thinking but from the look on his face I could tell he was angry too. The question was, however, what could have possibly angered him so? I did not bother him about it but it bothered me. I was so engrossed in my thoughts I didn’t see when a huge truck skidded and made headway straight for Jay’s little car. I only felt when it tipped the back fender. I thought it was going to stop but just as it was about to the truck gave way and rammed the back of the car, crushing my friends completely. Luckily for me Jay pushed me on the floor in the front and covered me with his body, even though I tried with all my might to push him off, he didn’t budge. I didn’t even know when the truck hit that part; all I heard was the loud screeching sound it made, Jay’s cries in pain and I saw and felt his blood slowly dripping on my forehead. I began to lose my breath, my tears began to flow uncontrollably, I began to slowly drift away but something was pulling me back.

Halfway between sleep and wake I heard a voice calling my name. A familiar voice it was. “Kasey. Don’t leave, stay with me if you can I will.” It was Jay’s faint, forced voice. I could hear the pain in it, I didn’t know how to hold on but I knew I had to, for my best friend. “Kase, you awake?” he asked

“Jay.” I replied with the sound of sadness in my voice.

“I can’t move, but someone will come okay.”

“Where does it hurt?” I asked as my tears ran into my mouth.

“Don’t think about me Kase.” He tried to comfort me.

“Jay!” I called, “How’s Jissabelle-” He cut me through.

“I don’t know.”

“Yes you do.” I began to cry even more and my words seemed to barely exit out of my lips.

“They’re gone Kase.” I heard a crack in his voice and I broke down.

“No, no, no…” I repeated over and over again.

“Hey, I’m still alive.” His voice became weaker than before. “I’m just kind of tired now.”

“No, don’t leave me please. Jay Please.” Those were my exact words. “Jay?” I began to wiggle, to try to get him to wake up, but instead I heard something crack. The crack was followed by a tremendous pulse of pain. I screamed out.

“Kase, what’s wrong?” I heard Jay’s voice. I was in to much pain to answer.

“Kase?” he repeated several times until my screaming calmed down.

“My knee.” I barely replied. He shushed me softly and began to cry.

“Are you okay now?” he asked about a minute later.

“No Jay, I’m not okay.” I continued crying. “I just broke my knee, my friends are gone, and my best friend’s blood is dripping on me.”


“Where is it coming from?”


“Tell me please.” There was no reply. This time I believed he was gone.

I was crammed between tons of metal and my best friend’s lifeless body. The space was small and my body was getting tired, my insides began to hurt and I blacked out. A loud creaking noise awoke me to sunlight, not much, just enough to know I was alive. Sirens deafened me and the chattering of people comforted me. My body ached, especially my knee. “He’s still alive.” I heard a man say as others or maybe the same man pulled Jay off me. The sunlight finally revealed itself fully. My heart was in my hands but the joy was overwhelming. The last thing I saw was two gloved hands reaching down toward me and then I knocked out. Next thing I knew I was in a hospital. My knee was great and so was Jay, who was on the bed next to mine. I got off the bed normally and went to the mirror in the bathroom. There was not a scratch on me I was perfect. The doctors gave me a leave, he told me no one else but Jay and I made it. I didn’t take it easy but there was nothing I could do now. I just went home and a couple days later I was standing opposite Jay, who was fine, at my friends’ funeral.

I looked up at Jay and the strangest thing happened, He began to disappear. In a matter of seconds after, he reappeared but we weren’t at the funeral anymore. We were at the crash site. The top of the car had just been pulled off. I saw him and my three other friends. It was a bloodbath. They were smashed, their bodies like blood covered mush. The only thing that was not red was their bones that to was crushed. Jay’s chest, head and hands were covered in blood, his face was slashed and his legs were cut totally off. As some men in black suits and masks pulled him off I saw another blood covered body, mine. I wasn’t crushed, I was covered in Jay’s blood but I died of suffocation. All of a sudden a hand grabbed me and pulled me back to the grave yard. There weren’t three coffins anymore, there were five.

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