a poem: we could have fallen in love so easily.

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you're a boy and i'm a girl, but it doesn't matter in the way i wanted it to matter.

Submitted: June 16, 2010

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Submitted: June 16, 2010



i remember the last sleepover

we had at your too-big house

before your mom cared that i was a girl

and you were not.

we did best-friend things,

innocent and exciting,

like beating you at all your own videogames,

and sneaking marshmallow sauce out of the pantry after midnight,

and inviting friends over to play truth-or-dare



anything, really.

i think i fell in love with you that last night,

and while everyone else slept,

i stayed awake to whisper your name into the dark,

hoping it’d make you dream of me.

i never did find out

what made your mom stop inviting me over to spend the night,

or the weekend,

or - when my dad was too drunk to care - the whole week,

but i missed it,

so i used it as an excuse to talk to you

about “us.”

you didn’t react like i’d wanted.

we could rewrite the definition of love, paste our pictures into dictionaries, and be the couple everyone envies!

or, you know, yeah. we can just be friends.

i guess it’s another thing in life

that’s easier said than done,

perfect only in theory,

a disaster in reality,

because i’m jealous and possessive

and selfish and a know-it-all

(i know all this because you screamed it at me).

did other girls put those words in your mouth?

did your mom invite them over?

the worst part is,

i wouldn’t be mad if you said yes.

i’d just be disappointed in myself,

that i didn’t find the spell before they did,

even though i tried.

oh, god, i tried!

nothing worked!

i’m reminded of you often,

by the tiniest, silliest things,

but i never let thoughts of you

linger for more than a minute.

they have become dangerous, unwelcome things -

much like you’ve become a stranger.

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