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This was made for a challenge. I hope you like :)

Submitted: December 29, 2010

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Submitted: December 29, 2010



Water Clan: They live in the west, where the great river, Atlantis, meets the Avalon Sea. They live on its shores, can swim really well, and love rain. They can control the element water. Their legend says that they lived on the mythical island of Avalon, which was in the Avalon Sea, but it sank years ago, like Atlantis, by the earth wolves in the Clan War. Their symbol is a rain drop. They are great fishermen/women. They can survive in swamps, which are to the north of them, on the borders of the earth and water territory, though only fools live there. Water wolves hate earth wolves, because they sunk the island of Avalon in the last Great War. They do not like the fire wolves; therefore they don't like the air wolves because of their alliance with the fire wolves. They have an alliance with the dark wolves. Their main trading export is fish and salt.
Name: Serenity Nymphea
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Personality: She has a different face for Xavier and for the water clan members, with the water can she is slightly more mysterious very tranquil and serene stands out even though she tries to blend sweet innocent, but can be outrageously funny and open if she wants to. With Xavier, she’s out-going and completely suggestive; she can at times go into a completely different world of suggestiveness.
Wolf form: Completely white with a matching black mark of Xavier’s, but the other way round, though her feet seem to look like they have been dipped in water and the colour has tinged her feet slightly as though she is wearing shoes.
Human form: Dark Skinned (Afro Caribbean), big child black (dark brown) like eyes, small in height, Long Dark hair slim but chubby in the legs
Clan: Water Clan
Special abilities (other than elemental. optional): She’s not very good at it yet but she is starting to use her water abilities in other ways such as moving the water in the blood, not to make people move as such, but make their bodies react in a certain way, usually in a sexual way as her personality implies. Also as she has a Ying and Yang thing going on with Xavier she has this sort of bond where she can not just speak to him telepathically but also project her image in front of him.
Past: She is completely oblivious of her past she woke up one day when she was younger she was found in the swamps and Marshes, huddled up next to Xavier, they were both from different clans and to this day Xavier still won’t tell her about how he found her. She stayed with him for a few more years, training her up her learning different ways of using her abilities as she wasn’t brought up with other water clan members so she had no idea how to interact with them
Family: None that she knows of, she considers Xavier as her brother.
Any other important information: Other than a deep interest in finding out her past, she also loves to sing, but only to herself and her “brother”, she regularly visits him when she can as it is known that the Darkness Clan are not great fans of the other clans and are quite reserved. Her name she knows is not her own it was given to her on a whim by Xavier. She also has an interest in “mixed magic” to see the effect of it on the Wolf themselves. When she was brought by Xavier to the other water clan members she wouldn’t speak, and she wouldn’t turn into her wolf state in front of them, until they allowed Xavier to be by her side. *Do with this what you will, I like to see how their relationship turns out in your eyes*
Darkness Clan: They are exiles, living in the farthest corners of the world, where everything is barren and bleak. They are magic users, dealing in the dark arts. They hate all the other clans for exiling them, even the water wolves, though the have an alliance with them. They mean to turn their back on them at the first chance. They are nocturnal wolves. They main export is magic, amulets, and potions. Their symbol is a full, blood red moon. They live in caves, are hardy wolves. They show no mercy in fights, and often their fights are to the death. Legend has it that they were once the hell hounds, escaping the very pits of hell to run on earth as demonic spirits. They are very skilled magic users, and are not afraid to risk their own lives to get something they want
Name: Xavier

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Personality: He’s accustomed to be a little Emo, slightly mysterious always has a pained look about him, always tries to stay out of people’s way never wants to be noticed, (succeeding), not in the same way as the Edward Cullen Vampire thing, but he’s like that hot guy in your class that everyone likes physically but is scared of him and barely knows him. His presence is almost blackening and slightly intimidating and daunting, he has a tendency to always be in black and has passed this trait down to his sister even though she is a water clan wolf, when he is with Serenity he is slightly happier and Laid back, he has a dark humor.

Wolf form: All Black, except for a white mark that runs like a jagged scar from the middle of his forehead up to his hairline before curling back onto itself. His fore paws are slightly greyer and just at the top there is a slight tinge of orange.

Human form: Cold piercing eyes, slightly pale skin, Black sleek floppy hair (just like his fur coat)

Clan: Darkness Clan

Special abilities (other than elemental. optional): Because of Ying and Yang thing he can also project thoughts into Serenity’s head as well as project his image into her head as much as she can feel him as well as see him. He has the ability to move objects as well as manipulate their form such as turn a rock into metal, so as not technically changing it but just upgrading or degrading its properties.

Past: He doesn’t like his past it holds his dark secret and at all costs he tries to avoid it.

Family: He has an important father, his mother died young and his older brothers (4) are on the other side of the world, his sister has already married or paired off or mated with someone also of great importance, and he claimed “Serenity” as his “sister”.

Any other important information: He has a dark secret that he won’t tell anyone, and he has kept what he knows of Serenity a secret. *Do with this “secret” what you will as well*


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