Moments in trees

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a golden leaf holds this girls life in place.

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012



One day a child was missing her mom. She was brokenhearted that her mom had to go on an errand. She went to go play out in the rain. Just as she stepped outside she hugged her teddy bear and went to play. The mom had left her inside to go pick up her room. But as soon as she left the child raced out the door just as the car pulled away. Soon after the child noticed something on the road. It was golden. She ran out in the middle of the street to go get it. She bent down to get it. Just as she did a nearby man yelled at her to get out of the street. That’s when the car started to brake. It swerved and the little girl got hit. Not to hard, nor to soft. She fell on her bottom. Surprised the man got out of the car and bent down and picked her up. That’s when the man had disciplined her at she swore never to do it again. The man looked at the leaf she was holding. He told the girl to go home and put it in a book in the attic and never look at it until 3 weeks. Then when her mom came home she went to her and told her what happened and she will always be loved and that her mom will be too…

12 years later…

The little girl was not so little any more. In the attic, she went up one day to see if she could find a picture of her mom. And right in front of her was a tree, and this was not an ordinary tree it was a enormous tree. This tree was made of pure gold and then she remembered her moms golden hair. She ran to the cemetery and said these words…

“Mom I will always be loved for I am your girl and you always be loved in our hearts”

For a moment she realized what that golden tree meant…

that life will be here on earth but those who are loved life will be in heaven…

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