I think my husband is a spy ?

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i met this wonderful man who seemed to be the perfect husband but now i discovered he has too many secrets

Submitted: June 26, 2013

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Submitted: June 26, 2013



i met him at a hospital where he was the supervisor on my mothers condition (brain cancer ) he is a radio therapist with high rank though he is younger than the rest of the staff 
we grew a connection with each other and with little time i fell in love with him.things developed very fast between us and we got married after 3 months 

he is a humble down to earth man who does not take a lot care of himself and is very kind and polite with little naive side of his personality but he was honest with me and treats me like a princes. he was not very handsome but has a bit of attractiveness in him . he look white and a little bit jewish with blue eyes and dark brown hair but is very far from an Arab 

after marriage i discovered very confusing things about him . he changed a lot for example he has a personality of an alpha male you know what i mean . he also took care of himself and looks now stunning and sexy (he was covering his good looks before marriage ) that is at home with me but in social life he is the same boring person when acting with others 

he is from egypt and speaks arabic at home all the time so i got used to the arabic sound and could detect the language but he has too many secrets 

there is a room at our house that was always locked .he used to leave me and enter this room every day at late night . a few days ago he for got to lock it and i got in . the room is just like an office but it has many laptops and computers every where and electronic devices that i could not identify 
in his work he does need that number of PCs and they had a password. there was also a group picture of him in a military clothes with people who look like high rank officials on the desk but he told me he never joined the army 

the telephone rings in 
strange times at home and he speaks in a weird language that is not arabic it is more of an african language so i made a little research on that and discovered that the egyptian army uses nubian language as a code 
after he gets these calls he gets out and disappears for several hours 
at this point i knew he is someone dangerous and maybe he is using me because my father was a general and i have lots of family members in the army 
i think he is a spy and that freaks me out every time i see him because i feel threatened by him 

he still treats me good and acts naive as usual but i understand now that he is only acting as a nice guy 
what should i do ?am i right to feel like this or just misunderstood him . i did not talk with him about this because i am so afraid of him

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