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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
become happier, and take control of your life. this is the reason why i am here today. why are you here? well, i mean why are you here on life. let us say that you had a choice before you were born, you were a small boy speaking with god. god said, "oh son, daughter, of mine, you are my beautiful son, i will give you a choice, you can stay here in heaven with me, or you can go to earth and become human. what would you choose? well what do the two choices mean? living on earth means to feel fear and to learn, to grow, and to live a life of constant expansion, living in heaven would mean staying with god, in a place of beauty, the origin of where we all come from. both choices inherently holds within them eternity. heaven is the state of perfection, and earth is a state of polarity, duality, and constant change. both are eternal. so god, being perfect knew the choices he were giving to his children were perfect as well.

problem: self, thought.

the problem with having a problem, is that there is a problem. maybe if we believed there are no problems there wouldn't be.

i'd like to give you a word of encouragement, wherever you are in your journey; i love you.

tell me if this is you.

oh no, that's not me, what is this man talking about? he's talking nonsense. the problem is that once upon a time we started believing something. and this become a way living, until we decided to stomp our feet and yell and shout, tear and scream, frustrated, and angry beyond our wild imaginations, even maybe lonely and sad, we decided that we would become happier.

so let me tell you, each moment, will you choose to become happier?

how how how you shout, when the world is so evil, when there is violence, and lostness everywhere, when this world seems so dark and bleak?

then let me ask you, kindly, look into eternity, and think about the future. where will you be, where will i be in 200 years? back in heaven. and if you don't believe in heaven, well that was your choice too! or was it?

an example of a man who was hurt and lonely believed the world was evil, every corner he turned he saw women and men smiling ruefully, as if the the days would never come to pass, he thought to himself quietly, "i wish everyone would stop laughing and smirking at me, i wish i could be better, i wish i wasn't so weak". he folded his hands and bitterly a prayer to the lord, "god please save these men and women, they're hearts all torn and they know not where they are." god never answered his prayers he thought.

of course god answered his prayer, with the sound a of flapping footsteps behind him. "hey mister mister, will you please look at this"

there beneath him, was a tiny little girl, her face chalked with dirt, nose red, and traces of little lovely snow flakes on her tangled hair. "get out of here now"! the man screamed angrily. the man looked around and everyone on the streets stopped, stared, and people whispered everywhere, it was always this way, him against this world. he thought to himself, stupid tiny bugger, getting in my way.

when the man looked back at the child. the child was still there. now if i was the child i would have ran or maybe even thought it was my fault he was angry. however this child was pure, godsend.

the child looked at him and her eyes seemed to pierce something within him, unlocking a flood of memory of his own purity.

the man felt an intense heat in his chest, the sound of his thumping heart met him for the first time. he bellowed, "get out of here now"! but the bellow had none of the emotion and fear it had the first time, this time it was a yell of pure frustration, a clarity, that came from a moment of understanding. and the child smiled back, and asked, mister mister?

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Submitted: January 07, 2016

A lost man. Read Chapter