Sunrise- Twilight inspired

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My book (not finished) - romance between a human and non-human. I was greatly inspired by Steph. Meyer's saga.

Kate moves with her family to the country of her dreams- Australia.
There she lives at her aunt's and uncle's house. Sara and Logan are successful lawyers so they buy her a lot of gifts.
In school Kate meets Calla and they become friends. Calla has a step-brother of the same age. His name is Nicolas (Nick).

Nicolas is half vampire- half werewolf. Calla is a vampire. Their mother is a werewolf and their father is a vampire. To find out how did Nick became what he is you have to keep up with my story.
There's no known way how to end Nick's life/ existence but it will be discovered and someone will attempt to finish it (the preface gives the clue about that)

I'm revealing no more =o]

Pls note that I'm Polish so there will be spelling and gramma mistakes =o]

Tell me if you like it and what to improve!!!
I'll upload more whenever I'll write some more so check now and then if there's something you haven't yet read =o]

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