True Love From the heart

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two couples are showing what true love is

Chapter 1, Introduction:

Love! It is a word that gets tossed around like a ball. It gets manipulated and often used as a weapon to get a person anything they so desire. Saying 'I love you' to a woman gives them a feeling inside that this person really cares and is willing to go through the distance. But those words lead to deception where men will cheat after or find themselves someone new to play that game with. They hunt down a woman, have sex and leave without a trace. That kind of act leads woman to believe 'all men are dogs' and forces them to never trust a man again.
We enter in a quiet neighborhood in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Tanaisha D'Angelo, a twenty-eight year old nurse assistant who had trouble with men in the past. She stopped trusting men since her last relationship of two years went south. Her last boyfriend had manipulated, controlled, verbally abused and assaulted her. She made a pact with herself to never date or trust men again. The single life is for her.
Tanaisha walked into a local supermarket to go food shopping for the house. She walked over to the shopping cart rack and grabbed one. She then proceeded to the dairy aisle to pick up some things. As she entered the aisle, she began picking up some cheese, milk and some butter. As she begin to leave the aisle, a man approached her. Taven Childs, a twenty-nine year old construction worker who came in the market to pick up some items to create a lonely dinner.
"Excuse me," Taven began. "Do you know where the ground meat is?"
"Does it look like I work here," Tanaisha said. "I don't know what kind of game you spittin' here but just to help you out, you're wasting your time."
"Look ma'am" Taven begin. "Iam just looking for some hamburger meat for dinner."
"Making a meal for your wife," Tanaisha began. "Or maybe for your girlfriend?!"
"I don't have a girlfriend or a wife," Taven said. "I just got out of a three month relationship."
"Three months," Tanaisha repeated. "What you do, you cheated on her? Beat her to a pulp? Threatened to kill her if people found out?!"
"No I didn't do any of those things," Taven replied. "Look, I don't know who you are, but I thought I came over here hoping you would help me so I can grab some items for my lonely dinner tonight."
"That's bullshit," Tanaisha said. "You came over here hoping you can spit some sorry-ass excuse pick up line to sweep me off of my feet and say that your single knowing for a fact that you got a wife at home, maybe a child or two and you were ashamed of it. Just do me a big favor and quit while your ahead."
"Listen," Taven began. "I didn't come over here to get yelled at. I had enough of that in my previous relationship. I thought you be able to help me, but I was wrong. I'll go find someone else to help me."
"Wait," Tanaisha said, stopping Taven. "Are you really having dinner by yourself?"
"Yes Iam and I need some things to get it," Taven responded. "But I know you have other things you got to do, so I wont bother you."
"Look," Tanaisha began apologetic. I just got out of a three year relationship and I just keep thinking all men are dogs, especially ones that uses corny pick up lines to get my number."
"What are you doing tonight," Taven asked.
"I was thinking about sitting home and watch a movie," Tanaisha replied.
"How about you come over to my place and I'll fix us some dinner," Taven suggested.
"That sounds great," Tanaisha said, taking out a piece of paper and pen to write her number down. "Heres where you can contact me. Give me about fifteen minutes and then give me a call. I'll also bring a movie we can watch after dinner."
"That sounds like a plan," Taven said. "I'll give you a call and pick you up."
"It's best that you call me and give me the address," Tanaisha said.
"I felt as though it would be like a romantic date," Taven said.
"First off, it's not a date," Tanaisha corrected. "This is only a get together since fate brought two single people together because they got nothing to do tonight."
"Okay," Taven said slowly. "I'll give you a call tonight. By the way, my name is Taven.
"Tanaisha," she replied, shaking Taven's hand. "It's nice to meet you. So I'll see you tonight. And by the way Taven, the ground beef is near by the cold cuts and other types of meat."
"Well thank you so much,Tanaisha," Taven said. "I cant wait to see you tonight."
Tanaisha smiled and proceeded to the next aisle.

Chapter 2, first date:

It became later on in the evening. We enter in Taven's residence. It was a small one bedroom apartment in which it was well decorated with beige walls with golden rod trimmings, wooden floors and a set of furniture matching golden rod colors around. It was set in a tone as a comfortable-layed back aura.
Taven just finished up the last touches of the romantic dinner he prepared for two. He placed out a bottle of white wine and two glasses. As he lit up the candles in the center of his glass table, the doorbell rang. He took one last look at the romantic scene and proceeded towards the door. He checked his breath, grabbed the bouquet of flowers next to the door and reached for the door knob.
"Hey, Tanaisha," Taven said, opening the door wide and presented the flowers. "Iam so glad you made it. Welcome to my humble home."
"Thanks," Tanaisha said, surveying the apartment. "Thank you for the flowers."
"Well," Taven began. "Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady."
"Yeah, whatever," Tanaisha said. "Nice place you got here."
"Thank you," Taven said. "I do my best to keep it clean."
"Okay, thats nice," Tanaisha said. "What smells good?"
"Well," Taven began. "I made meatloaf, baked macaroni and cheese, collard greens and for dessert, hommade pie."
"So do you always cook for women just to get in their pants," Tanaisha asked. "And have some wine to get them drunk enough so they can be vulnerable enough to get their clothes off and have your way with them?"
"Well," Taven began. "Iam not expecting to have sex on the first night."
"Why," Tanaisha asked rudely. "Are you gay?"
"No," Taven responded.
"Don't I look attractive enough for you," Tanaisha asked again.
"Yes," Taven stuttered.
"Then what's the problem," Tanaisha asked.
"Look," Taven suggested. "How about we sit down and talk while we feast."
"Well," Tanaisha began. "If you think for one second your getting in this cookie jar, you better have a good conversation topic."
Taven escorted Tanaisha to the dinner table and pulled out the chair for her to sit.
"You don't have to do this," Tanaisha said, scooting her chair up to the table.
"Well," Taven responded. "That's what gentlemen do."
"You got it," Tanaisha said sarcastically.
"Taven walked into the kitchen and began fixing the plates. He then walked over to the table and placed one plate in front of Tanaisha and the other plate in front of his chair. He then opened the bottle of wine and began pouring it in both his glass and Tanaisha's.
"So tell me about yourself," Taven asked, taking a seat.
"What do you want to know," Tanaisha asked.
"What do you do for a living," Taven asked.
"Why," Tanaisha asked. "What do you do for a living? I hope you ain't no drug dealer!"
"Listen," Taven began. "I don't know what's going on, but I was hoping we can get to know each other."
"Look, Taven," Tanaisha began. "Don't take this personal but all men are dogs. They feel once they get a piece of this ass, they think they can control me."
"My intentions is not to control you," Taven explains. "A woman as beautiful as you deserves to be loved not taken advantage of or disrespected."
"So you think Iam pretty," Tanaisha asked.
"Yes you are," Taven replied. "I like the way how your hair curls, your body has an excellent smooth curve and how your eyes glow in the room."
"I bet you say that to all women you meet,"Tanaisha said.
"No," Taven said. "Iam not a man who would use pick up lines for a woman to like me. I speak from the heart and what I say is real."
"If you say so," Tanaisha said.
"You haven't touched your wine," Taven said.
"I don't drink," Tanaisha said.
"Would you like some juice," Taven asked.
"Do I look like a kid," Tanaisha asked. "What's next, you're going to ask me do I want a sippy cup? Yes, go ahead and place my juice in the stupid sippy cup since this baby thirsty."
"Listen," Taven began. "Since you don't drink, I figured a better beverage will go along with your meal I had prepared."
"Iam fine," Tanaisha said. "This food is delicious! Who taught you how to cook?" 
"My mother taught me," Taven replied. "She wanted me to learn how to cook since she wanted me to be independent. That was one of her favorite quotes."
"So where is your mother now," Tanaisha asked.
Taven puts down his fork and knife. "She passed away three months ago" he replied in a sad tone. "She suffered a heart attack."
"Iam so sorry to hear that," Tanaisha said in a sincere tone.
"Thank you," Taven said. "You know, the worst news wasn't that my mother passed, my girlfriend dumped me the day I found out my mother died. I thought me and her had something special but I was wrong."
"How about this," Tanaisha suggested. "Let's skip the movie."
"What would you like to do instead," Taven asked.
Tanaisha got up from her seat and took Taven by the hand. Taven rose up from his seat and Tanaisha began kissing him on the lips. Then she took Taven by the hand and escorted him into the bedroom.

Chapter 3, next day:

It's the middle of the afternoon. Tanaisha was working at her desk at a clinic in downtown Ann Arbor, filing patient's documents. Tanaisha finished her paper work when she got a call on her cell phone.
"Hello," she said.
"Hey Tanaisha," Taven said. "It's Taven. Listen, I had a great time last night and I was wondering if your not too busy tonight, maybe we can spend tonight together."
"Look Taven," Tanaisha began. "Your a nice guy and all, but I don't think it will work out. I don't know you like that and I don't wanna' be another victim of a broken heart. I was just vulnerable last night."
"What you mean," Taven asked. "I thought we hit it off good?"
"We did," Tanaisha explains. "When we had sex last night, I figured you used your mother's death as an excuse to get in between my legs and you getting dumped by your previous girl too. I figured that's where you were leading to, so I took the bait and gave it up to you. I'am sorry to lead you to believe that we can have a relationship, but I still feel the same way. All men are dogs and they would use any excuse to get in a woman's pants."
"You know," Taven begins, holding back his anger. "I'am more than just sex. I love to listen, conversate, and share opinions."
"That sounds great and all," Tanaisha said. "But I believe that you told many girls that. I'am sorry I mislead you in any way but you got what you needed from me last night, so it's time to move on."
"But see," Taven justifies. "I'am not like other guys. I told you about my mother's passing and my girlfriend dumping me because I felt like I can be real with you. I can tell since we first met that you was hurt and I know what it's like to be hurt and that's why I shared that story with you. When I date a woman, I focus only that one woman and no one else. So why don't you come over tonight and let me show you what a real boyfriend is all about."
"Well," Tanaisha began. "Let me think about it."
"Okay," Taven said. "Please do. I promise, you won't regret your decision in dating me. I will treat you like a queen."
"Whatever," Tanaisha said. "I'll call you when I get off work."
"Okay," Taven said. "I'll see you then."
Tanaisha hung up her cell phone and began organizing her paper work. Then suddenly, Daisha Marie entered the office room. Daisha is Tanaisha's best friend. They knew each other since they were kids and grew attached since then.
"Hey Naisha," Daisha began. "Hows things witchya'?"
"Things are good," Tanaisha replied.
"What happened last night," Daisha asked. "I went by your apartment and you wasn't there?!"
"I met a guy yesterday," Tanaisha replied.
"What's his name and where did you meet him," Daisha asked again.
"His name is Taven," Tanaisha replied. "And I met him at the supermarket."
"Oooh interesting," Daisha said. "So what happened after?"
"I went over his apartment and ate dinner," Tanaisha said.
"Did you have sex," Daisha continued questioning.
"Yeah we did," Tanaisha replied.
"Ooooh you slut," Daisha joked. "Was it any good?"
"Girl," Tanaisha began. "That man knows how to work it girl. I felt every passion behind each stroke."
"So," Daisha said.
"So what," Tanaisha asked.
"Are you going to see this Taven again," Daisha asked.
"I don't know," Tanaisha replied.
"Why not," Daisha asked. "The way you explained his sex game, it's on point."
"Yeah," Tanaisha began. "But I think he is trying to be nice to me until I let my guard down. Once I drop that shield, he's going to run all over me."
"But not all men are like that," Daisha said. "This Taven sounds promising."
"Promising until we get deep in the relationship," Tanaisha said. "Once we get deep, he's going to start using me and abuse me and probably control me like I have no life of my own. If he got that plan in his mind, he's got another thing coming."
"I may not know this Taven," Daisha explains. "But I believe he's not like your last relationships. Your previous relationship beat you and controlled you. The one before that cheated on you and the one before that, had sex witchya' and left the next day. I think you should give Taven a chance."
"He wants me to meet with him tonight,", Tanaisha said.
"Oh my God," Daisha began. "You should go! You should give him a chance and let him show you what he can give in which men are really lacking these days."
"That's what he said to me over the phone," Tanaisha said. "Well....something like that. He also said that he's not like any other guys and he enjoys listening, conversating and sharing opinions."
"What the hell bitch," Daisha said. I'll make a bet witchya'. If he's what I believe is the real deal...."
"The real deal," Tanaisha repeated, interrupting. 
"Yeah, the real deal," Daisha said. "If he is, then you gotta' buy me lunch."
"We're already doing that," Tanaisha said. "One day I pay for our lunch and then the next day you pay for it."
"Well then," Daisha began. "Let's make it interesting. If he is the real deal, then you gotta' buy lunch for a month."
"What if he's not," Tanaisha asked in confidence.
"Then I'll buy lunch for two months," Daisha replied confident. "I'am telling you, he sounds like the right guy for you. Just give him a chance Naisha. Deal?!"
"Deal," Tanaisha said, shaking Daisha's hand.
"Hey," Daisha began. "I'am about to head down to grab something to eat. Do you want me to bring you something back?"
"My break is in thirty minutes," Tanaisha replied.
"Well," Daisha began. "I hope you call this guy on your break. I mean it Naisha, you wont know that this guy is the the truth unless you give him a chance."
Daisha exited the office room, leaving Tanaisha thinking about Taven's invitation. She picked up her cell phone and dialed Taven's number.
"Hello," Taven answered.
"Hey Taven," Tanaisha began. "I was thinking about your invitation. I get off work at six tonight. So why don't I go home first, take a shower and I'll meet you at your apartment?!"
"That sounds like a plan," Taven responded. "What is your favorite dish?"
"It really don't matter to me," Tanaisha replied. "The food you cooked last night was delicious. So whatever you in the mood for I'am game."
"Alright," Taven said. "So then, I'll see you tonight."
"Okay," Tanaisha said. "Ill be around your house around seven."
"Sounds like a plan," Taven said. "See you tonight."
Tanaisha hung up the phone and began smiling from ear to ear while she was in her day dream. She snapped back into reality and filed her paper work.

Chapter 4, Taven's apartment:

It's around seven o'clock pm. Taven was getting the evening ready since Tanaisha was expected to arrive. He finished up the dinner he prepared, lightened up the candles in the middle of the dinner table and turned on some slow jams. As the radio began to play, the doorbell rang. Taven made one last inspection and proceeded towards the door.
"Good evening," Taven said, opening the door.
"Hey," Tanaisha said, holding up a bottle of wine. "I know yesterday I said I didn't drink, but I thought this moment is a special. So I stopped by the wine store before I came here."
"What changed your mind," Taven asked, closing the door after Tanaisha entered.
"Well," Tanaisha began replying. "My last relationship, he was much of a heavy drinker. Every time he drinks, he would beat me without thinking. That type of memory made me not wana' drink or never go out with men who are drinkers. Are you violent when you drink?"
"No, I don't," Taven replied. "Iam usually a social drinker. I only drink when it is a celebration or an event."
"Well," Tanaisha began. "I guess today is a celebration."
"Yes, it is," Taven said, smiling. "Let me put this on ice."
"Why not open the bottle and lets have a drink," Tanaisha suggested handing the bottle to Taven.
Taven nodes and took the bottle. He walked to the kitchen to grab two wine glass cups while Tanaisha walked around the apartment, feeling the groove from the radio.
"So you put some slow jams for us," Tanaisha asked.
"Yes," Taven replied. "I figured the slow jams lightened up the mood."
"Well," Tanaisha replied. "This music is making me relax, since I got off a hard day of work."
"What do you do for a living," Taven asked, walking up with two wine glasses in his hand.
"Iam a nurse assistant," Tanaisha replied, taking a wine glass. "What about you?"
"Iam a construction worker," Taven replied. "Iam currently doing some work around the University of Michigan."
"Wow," Tanaisha said. "So where you this romantic in your last relationship?"
"I was," Taven replied. "We didn't only just go on dates. We used to go shopping, walks around the park, and the beach. Sometimes, we don't go out to eat. We would cook a meal together, bring a blanket to the beach and have a picnic while we listen to the waves. I hope we can do something like that someday."
"Well, if you play your cards right Mr. Taven," Tanaisha began. "We might even just go on a romantic get away."
"Well, heres to a new beginning," Taven said raising up his wine glass.
"How about," Tanaisha said, holding up her wine glass. "Heres to real love coming straight from the heart."
Both Taven and Tanaisha put the wine glasses to their lips and drank. As they finished their wine, Taven took Tanaisha by the hand a escorted her to the table.
"Are you ready to eat," he asked.
"Most certainly," Tanaisha replied.
Taven pulled out a chair for Tanaisha and gently pushed her up to the table. Taven walked into the kitchen and grabbed two plates. He walked back to the dinner table and placed one plate in front of Tanaisha and the other in front of his chair.
"Would you like more wine,", Taven asked.
"Getting me drunk huh," Tanaisha joked. "Iam just kidding, yes please."
Taven walked back into the kitchen, grabbed a bucket of ice and the wine bottle. He walked back to the dinner table and placed the bucket of ice in the middle. He poured Tanaisha a glass and then his.
"The food looks delicious," Tanaisha said, picking up her fork.
"I figured a great meal for a great woman," Taven said politely.
Tanaisha smiled and began eating her food. Later on in the evening, Taven Tanaisha sat on the couch, hypnotized to the music. They began conversating when suddenly, Tanaisha began to get a cramp in her body.
"Are you alright," Taven asked.
"It's my neck and back," Tanaisha replied. "I must of pulled it earlier at work when I helped a patient."
"Well," Taven said. "Let me massage that for you?!"
"I don't know," Tanaisha replied. "I don't usually trust anyone who never had any training or licensed."
"Trust me," Taven convinced. "I can get those kinks out."
"Are you sure," Tanaisha asked.
"Trust me," Taven responded. "I work good with my hands. Just lie down on your stomache and let my hands do the magic."
Tanaisha nodes and began lying on her stomache.
"One thing I might need you to do," Taven instructs. "You might need to take off your clothes."
"My clothes," Tanaisha repeated.
"Yes," Taven said. "I can get the kinks out more when your out of your clothes. The massage will not be effective when your clothes on. You must be relaxed."
Tanaisha nodes and began stripping down to her bra and panties. She then laid on the couch, getting herself comfortable. Taven unstrapped her bra strap and began massaging her neck. The soothing feeling caused Tanaisha to create a soft moan. She never had a man done something like this before in which began to turn her on. Taven proceeded down her back while her moans began to grow louder and louder. The moan sounds began to turn Taven on as well. As he continued the massage, Taven began giving Tanaisha a gentle kiss. He proceeded down to Tanaisha's back when she stopped him.
"Taven, baby," Tanaisha called out.
"Yes," Taven responded.
"I know I might still have kinks in my body," Tanaisha began. "But right now, I want you to make love to me!"
Tanaisha turned over to her back and pulled Taven close to her. Taven began to make love to Tanaisha on the couch.

Chapter 5, lunch break confession:

It was twelve-thirty in the afternoon. Daisha and Tanaisha were sitting at a diner in downtown Ann Arbor. They were eating when Tanaisha spoke.
"This place is great Daisha," she said. "I love this food."
Tanaisha took another bite, when her cell phone rang.
"Hello," she said.
"Tanaisha," Taven began. "I wanted to call you because I want to get together with you tonight. I want to take you out and spend some time with you."
"What do you wana' do," Tanaisha asked curiously.
"I just got two tickets to the princess boat tonight," Taven replied. "I figured that me and you have a good time together."
"So is this how you treat a lady," Tanaisha asked with a smile.
"Yes," Taven replied. "I love treat my woman this way because you're good to me. I want to be with you forever. I feel it in my heart and I wana' show you how I really feel about you tonight on the princess boat."
"Well," Tanaisha began. "I guess that sounds like a great date. I would love to go! Is it true you wana' be with someone like me?"
"Of coarse I do," Taven replied. "I know you were mean to me in the beginning, but it wasn't your fault. Men in your past had poisoned you but I wana' be your antidote and bring your love back to life. I want you to feel as though you are safe in my arms and never worry about me mistreating you or letting anyone mistreat you."
"Well," Tanaisha began. "I never heard a man who speaks with passion in his words. I can tell you are a real poet?!"
"Yeah," Taven said. "I sometimes do a little freelance writing on my spare time. I made it a hobby to keep my mind at peace. As a matter of fact, I will create one just for you tonight."
"Okay," Tanaisha said. "And this time, you can pick me up tonight. I'll text you my address."
"Okay," Taven said. "See you tonight."
Tanaisha hung up the phone and picked up her fork. As she took a bite from her food, she sensed Daisha was staring at her. Tanaisha turned over and noticed Daisha had a sad look on her face and stared into space.
"What's wrong," Tanaisha asked.
"Nothing," Daisha responded, snapping back to reality.
"Are you sure," Tanaisha asked again.
"Yeah, I am sure," Daisha replied with a smile. "So this Taven is taking you out tonight?!"
"Yeah," Tanaisha responded. "The princess boat! This man is a true lover and wants to be loved. How is that women don't find this man attractive?"
"Because he wasn't my type," Daisha blurted out.
Tanaisha turned to Daisha with confusion on her face.
"What are you talking about," she asked. "Who wasnt your type? If you talking about your previous relationship, that guy had it coming. He dumped you when he found out that his aunt died. He deserved everything coming to him."
"Actually," Daisha began to confess. "I dumped him when our relationship began."
"How long ago," Tanaisha asked, confused.
"Three months ago," Daisha replied. "The man you speaking to is my ex-boyfriend."
"How do you know this man is your ex " Tanaisha asked.
"Taven Childs," Daisha responded. "I dumped him after he found out his mother died. I thought at first he was playing a joke on me because throughout our relationship, he always help out his mother. When I want him to spend some time with me, he's always helping out his mother. I felt guilty about it but I am glad I am done with momma's boy."
"I thought your boyfriend's name was Charles," Tanaisha asked.
"I said Charles," Daisha responded. "Because I didn't want you to know his real name. I was ashamed of him since he's always at his mother's house when me and you meet up."
"It's a good thing he took care of his mother," Tanaisha said. "If a man treats his mother right, he will treat you right. That's something you should of continued."
"I don't care," Daisha said. "He always take care of his mother and not me. I got needs and he's not doing it right. So I just walked away from the relationship. That's why I am glad he found you and wana' be with you."
"So your just going to hand me your leftovers," Tanaisha asked.
"Why not," Daisha replied. "All men are dogs and we gotta' do to them what they had done to us. Doesn't matter if they did it or not. They all must pay! I gave a chance to let Taven walk away from our relationship but he wanted to work on our relationship. I even cheated on him twice, but he forgave me and still wanted to work on our relationship.."
"Why didn't you just work it out," Tanaisha asked.
"Please girl," Daisha responded with a cocky tone. "You know their are men whos sex game is on point better than Taven. And besides, I am young and want a real man, not some momma's boy who gotta' run to his mama all the damn time. I am jus' playing the game and Taven's stupid ass got caught in it. Maybe next time he will learn the game instead of being soft when his mommy calls him."
"You know," Tanaisha began. "You give a strong-black-faithful woman a bad name."
"What are you talking about," Daisha began. "You was about to dump him too until I placed a bug in your ear and told you to stay with him."
"Well," Tanaisha began. "I am glad I did and now I am guna' make things right."
Tanaisha got up from her chair.
"Where you going," Daisha asked.
"Right now," Tanaisha began. "I am about to walk away. I cant believe you pulled this kind of stunt on me. And I thought we were best friends, but pulling something like this shows me how much of a true friend you are."
Tanaisha turned and walked out walked out the diner.

Chapter 6, Tanaisha's apartment:

It's night time! We entered into Tanaisha's apartment. Her residence had maroon walls with white trimmings. It brought out the apartment with maroon-toned furniture. A comfortable home to relax and feel no worries.
Tanaisha began pacing back and forth, since Taven is expected to arrive. She wore a pearl-white bathrobe over her underclothes. She felt hurt that Taven never mentioned a relationship with her best friend Naisha. She felt betrayed and lied to. As she looked at her clock on her wall, the doorbell rang.
"Hey," Taven said, entering the apartment. "I got your call! Is everything alright? How come you're not dressed?"
"Well," Tanaisha began, closing the door. "I found out some info that I felt as though you could of mentioned in the beginning. How come you never told me about Naisha?"
"Naisha," Taven said. "How do you know her?"
"Naisha is my best friend," Tanaisha respond. "You thought I wasn't going to find out?! I was hoping just for once, there was a man out here who can be one-hundred percent honest with me. Instead of holding back info you can tell me the truth."
"But I never knew Naisha was your best friend," Taven said. 
"Well," Tanaisha began. "I don't know if your telling the truth or not, but we cant see each other anymore. So you gotta' leave and take some other hoe to the princess boat!"
"Hang on," Taven began. "Let me explain."
"What is there to explain Taven," Tanaisha interrupted. "You knew my best friend Naisha....well, ex-best friend."
"What happened," Taven asked.
"Never mind that," Tanaisha said. "The point is that I don't take someone that dated my friends. So I need you to leave my apartment, NOW!"
"Hang on a minute," Taven began. "I never knew who were Naisha's friends were. When I call her, I would tell her Iam coming from my mothers house and I want to meet with her somewhere so we can spend time together. She always tell me she's hanging with her friends. I would tell her that I would meet her so it can be a group event. But she would tell me that she will meet me later. I thought at times she was cheating on me, but I didn't want to put those thoughts in my head. I trusted her but that trust went out the window since she dumped me three months ago. See, she never told me your name because she always use the name Roxanne when she talks about her best friend."
"I remembered that name," Tanaisha began. "Before I met Naisha, I had this imaginary friend named Roxanne. Me and Roxanne used to things together. When me and Naisha met, my imaginary friend disappeared. When we entered high school, I used that name when boys tried to halla' at me. I gave them a fake name and phone number. Those were the good ol' days."
"I wish I knew you were Naisha's best friend when we first met," Taven began. "I would of told you from the beginning. I don't keep things to myself! I always stay honest even if it will hurt me and whoever Iam talking to. I feel as though if you keep secrets from your love one, there is no trust, security or any type of forward progress."
"Is this the best you got," Tanaisha said. "Iam breaking up with you and that's the best you can come up with to take me back?"
"Look," Taven responded. "I don't know what you want from me, but what Iam saying is coming from the heart. Because I care about you so much, I wrote a poem about you."
"Really," Tanaisha asked.
"Yes I did," Taven responded, pulling out a piece of paper and reads. "My sweet beautiful queen, you always brightened up my day. Your aura of positive energy flows through you, lightened up my body as you touched me. Your soft kisses calms my soul down, allowing negative vibes to decease in its tracks. We hold each other to cuddle since our energy combines to a larger force of energy called love. My sweet beautiful queen, my heart is calling out for you, please respond because you are the only one that can forfill it."
As Taven folded up the poem, Tanaisha began blushing. She never heard anything like this before. No man has ever wrote a poem to her from the heart.
As Taven turned towards the door and walk to it, Tanaisha stopped him.
"You wrote that for me," she asked.
"Yes I did," Taven replied. "When we spend some good time together, I felt as though we were hittin' it off good. I was hoping you was the woman who appreciates what I have to offer. But I was wrong."
Tanaisha stopped Taven again! She reached into Taven's pocket and took the poem.
"I don't want you to go," she said. "You're not the person I should be upset with. Iam glad I met you since you are the one to show me what a real man is about. Before I met you, I wanted to remain single. But you changed all that! You gave me the ability to love again. Lets go to the princess boat."
"We cant," Taven said.
"Why not," Tanaisha asked.
"I gave them away," Taven replied. "This was something I wanted to talk to you about. I saw an old married couple on my way home. They told me that it was their anniversary and they want to go somewhere special to celebrate it. I looked at their relationship as an inspiration to me that I can be a great man to you. Since I gave them away, I wanted to take you out to eat at a fancy restaurant, then a walk on the beach and cuddle up in my apartment watching a marathon of movies."
"I got a better idea," Tanaisha said, loosing her bathrobe.
"What you got in mind," Taven asked.
"How about I show you how much I appreciate you," Tanaisha responded.
Tanaisha took Taven by the hand and gently escorted him to her bedroom. Tanaisha closed the door after Taven entered and began making love.
It comes to show that you should get to know before judging a man. Because of your previous relationship, you will never have the ability to get to know someone who can satisfy all your needs. Whether its mentally, physically, emotional, sexually or someone who is able to spend time with you. This man can forfill those qualities because women are the true queens you never mistreat. That's real love from the heart.


Submitted: October 14, 2013

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