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sth new i tried

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



We started standing up, you were looking at yourself through the mirror on my dresser..

I came up from behind, moved your hair to one side & kissed on your neck..

You turned around & started taking off my pants..

I took off yours & that's how it began..

It wasn't long tho before your knees started to tremble & your legs got weak..

So I picked you up & laid you on my bed..

Crawled up between your legs until I reached your face to kiss them sexy lips..

Got myself inside you & finished what transpired between the two of us..

You told me to go harder & deeper..

Then you were screaming you couldn't take it..

After that, came moaning & me biting my lip as we both bust..

A good feeling, no..

A great feeling, ehh..

Amazing, yes..

Now let's move on to round two,do you think you can take it????

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