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just something i wrote

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



You once told me nobody could make you feel the way i did..

That what we had was so real and us being apart could never happen..

You said you couldn't see yourself without me..

Now we're no longer together and it's been so difficult without you..

All i can seem to do is think about the memories we created and the promises you made..

Every last one was just lies..

Then i see when you looked me in my eyes and told me bye..

I cried and it felt like i had died..

It was like you ripped the heart right from my chest..

My days are good as i watch everything we did as one, when we were happy like a movie..

So clear, so vivid..

But my nights are crazy, when i lay my head down and go to sleep..

I dream of every promise you told, turn to lies and over and over again i see you look in my eyes and break my heart..

Like a replay, i watch myself die

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