Sex in the middle of the night

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jus expressing my sexual side

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012



2:50 A.M. & my phone was going off like crazy..

This girl wanted me bad, she kept sending me naked pics & asking me to come handle her body..

She sent me her address & told me not to have her waiting..

I got to her place within 25 minutes & knocked on the door..

She opened up, wearing this red laced lingerie & instantly we began..

She pulled me close & kissed my lips while I picked her up by her ass to carry her upstairs..

I took her to the bedroom & layed her down on her bed..

Slipped off her panties & started to head toward her twot..

I kissed her lips then pulled them apart as I licked..

I then ate her out, soon after that she busted..

Me being me, I licked that up then she pulled me up to kiss me again & that's when I slid inside..

She told me to go easy, she wanted this to last..

That thing was so tight & it felt so right, I wanted this to last just as much as she did..

So i took my time, handled her sexy body with care..

Slow strokes & slow grinding..

It didn't matter how slow we were going tho, our hearts were beating rapidly..

Then it came, that feeling you get to let me know it was about to come to an end..

I started stroking a little faster, started to put a little more umph in it..

She let out this sex cry & screamed she was cumming..

I bit down on my lip & pulled her closer so she could feel every inch of me while i busted all inside her....

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