Something from first sight, had me ready to risk my life

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ok this was suppose to be a poem but somehow turned into a short story.. enough said

Submitted: April 04, 2013

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Submitted: April 04, 2013



Standing in my front yard, looking at my new surroundings..

I'm new to the neighborhood so i'm observing my neighbors..

When this woman, two houses right of mine catches my eye..

Just stepping out of her car & she looks over at me..

Smiles & waves while her man gets out of the passenger seat..

He stands tall & looks at me with laughter in his eyes..

He then turns & grabs her close..

They walk toward the house door while her & I keep eye contact..

The day passes to another, I do whats needs to be done for the morning & go sit outside..

Still observing the neighborhood but really i'm hoping to see that pretty woman again..

The day turns to night & I don't see her..

A few days go by, I repeat the routine & still there hasn't been anywhere in or out of her house..

Finally the following week, I see her man storm out the house yelling..

He gets in her car & takes off..

I walk over & knock on the door, nobody answers..

I go to the back & again, nobody answers..

So I go to the side & check to see if I can get in through a window..

When I look, I notice one open so I lift it up & climb through..

I get inside & I see her standing off in the dark..

I reach out my hand, she places hers in mine & steps into the light..

All beat up while trying to reamin tough & hold back the tears..

I hold her in my arms & shortly after, I hear the car pulling into the driveway..

She tells me to leave, I tell her no that something has to be done..

She says he'll kill me, I say not before I kill him..

She runs to the back room, he opens the front door & yells out hey b**ch..

I run & hit him from the back..

He stumbles forward then turns & pushes me back..

Pulls out his gun, points at my head & yells b**ch don't make me call you again..

She walks out from the room & directly toward him..

He smacks her to the ground, I go to move & he cocks the pistol..

She stands up & screams baby i'm sorry..

He looks at her, she knees him in his d**k & then tosses me a gun..

I cock it & he stands back up..

He aims at me & I aim at him..

And then........



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