You make me lose it

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By trying to deny my feelings, its causing me to lose it..

Submitted: April 22, 2013

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Submitted: April 22, 2013



When I see you, I go crazy physically & mentally..

My heart beat intensifies by a thousand, my palms get sweaty, my knees get weak & I get butterflies in my stomach..

I want to tell you how I feel, that I love you & i'm honestly lost in this world without you..

But I fight it to stay within my mind..

Keeping my composure is key in not letting you know i'm going insane..

When you talk to me, it doesn't matter what you say because everything that comes out of your mouth sounds like perfect harmony..

That's stupid I know but there's something about your voice that catches my ears just right & gets me all tingly inside..

when you're around, I want to hold you in my arms & never let go..

I miss your touch, the warmth your heart gave, the feeling of your heart beating through your chest on mine & feeling like I had everything i'd ever need in life..

You really got this all powerful hold on me that you don't even know you have..

I continue to fight away from your grasp & with myself by trying to deny the truth..

But there's no doubt about it anymore, i'm completely in love with you & it's causing me to lose it....

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