Charlie and Emma Chapter Eight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
The continuation of Charlie and Emma.
Erin keeps all secrets and all comments to herself. Or at least she tries to around her new boss. She can't keep herself from looking perfect in front of her boss, or her ex-best friend. Loss and betrayal lies past them and burdens them since then. What happened, and what will happen?

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013







During throughout every conversation Seth had with anyone, he had his hand on my hip. He couldn't manage to get the shawl back, and he kept me close to his sides.

I saw Henry with his boss, and he pointed at me when he spoke with her. She nodded and he heading towards me "Hey Erin, Would you like to dance?"

I stuttered by suprise "I umm, I-I...." Henry quickly took me away and I felt the glare behind my back given from Seth.

"What the hell are you doing!?" I whispered to him harshly as he took me to the floor and began to waltz. "A scene Miss Flin" He mimicked Seth.

We did dance, and after that, a man asked me to dance. After him, another man asked me to dance. After him, another and another.I felt unbearably uncomfortable, they're hands went places and I wanted to smack them away. But what would that do to Seth?

I was about to dance with the sixth one but Seth took me quickly and we began to waltz. His hand was on my lower back, our bodies were touching and for a second I saw eyes full of possession. He spoke gruffly "You have no idea..." but he looked away and took me away to the corner of the ballroom.

"What was that?!" He asked harshly. "Wh...what do you mean?" I asked shyly

"Don't get on my nerves Miss Flin" He glowered at me "You know they were touching you and you didn't do a fucking thing about it?!"

"They were NOT touching me!" I lied, how can I ever admit to something so shameful like that?

I flushed and crossed my arms, I abruptly moved, walked away . I felt his large hand on my wrist "Don't you dare think of dancing again with them!" He demanded.

I felt myself losing to him and for the first time, spoke harshly "And why is that!?"

He pulled me closer and our faces were inches off

"because your mine!"

I did not speak, and I was not wrong. I saw possession in his eyes, and his grip tightened around me. I just felt our feelings pouring out at this moment.

Everyone in the room did not proceed in their business, they were in mine. They started mumbling, and I felt the scene that Henry wanted.

Seth took me by the hip and led me to the coat room "We are going" He said heavily under his breath.

We got into his car and he asked "Where do you live"

I felt the drop in my stomach: Charlie

I cluttered myself and was about to open the car door "No its ok Seth! I'll go home with Henr-"

"Out that door and you lose your job!" He thundered, and I froze "Now... where do you live?"

I told him my address, and he drove off. I twitched when he spoke "Erin, honestly. Did they touch you?" His voice was soft and gentle.

I felt myself drowning in shame and whispered hoarsely "...would I be fired if I said yes..?" I felt my tears sting my eyes.

He pushed the breaks and I flew forward a little. He banged the wheel hard with his fist. The cars in the back were honking. He cursed every word known to man kind and he suddenly looked at me. He groaned loudly and he pushed me back into the seat.

It was our silent pause again, but it was different this time.

His kisses were possessive.

(To be continued...)

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